March 12, 2014

Inglot Nail Enamel #803 : A Dusty Rose for Chic Nails

Inglot Nail Enamel (Rs 600/15 ml) #803, available across Inglot stores and online at

803 is a beautiful Dusty Rose shade that is perfect for everyday wear and especially for work wear. If I were to pick a nail color myself, I never would've probably even noticed this shade because I always get attracted to brighter colors first, however I received this Nail Enamel as a part of the gift set, also featured in my post HERE, on winning a contest on +Inglot Cosmetics India Facebook page and I'm just so glad they picked this shade to send to me.I know summers aren't here yet, but I'm totally digging this pretty Nail Enamel these days just because it makes my hands look so polished and "Lady-like" (if I may say so!!)

The Nail Enamel comes in a standard cuboid polish bottle and has a round cap that screws down smoothly. There's a certain finesse about the bottle that you just can't ignore. Oh! and it's a huge bottle with 15 ml of polish inside.

The brush is fine and applies color evenly with two or three strokes on the nail bed. There is some streaking in the initial coat, however for a color as light as this, I was happily surprised how it became totally opaque in the second coat. 

The texture is almost runny, yet not quite there, just right so that it spreads easily and dries quickly on the nails without any bubbling or pooling on the sides.

Coming to the finish, well, I can't really appreciate it enough. It has super glossy finish that lasts until the polish starts chipping, that is towards the end of the third day of wear. Considering the amount of housework I do, and the number of times I wash my hands, this was quite impressive. 

Overall, I quite like the Inglot Nail Enamel 803, partly because of the color and partly because of the glossy finish. I really don't care much about the staying time though. However, if you're someone who loves long staying nail Polishes, perhaps you may give these a miss. I also wish they made the brush a little more wider so that it was easier to apply the color. Also, I think Inglot has an amazing shade range to offer in the nail Enamel section which is worth checking out.


  1. Totally loved the shade hun :) Your nails look soooo sophisticated :) <3

  2. Aww...Pretty shade for spring!

  3. Such a pretty shade! Loved ur nails and NOTD!

  4. Such a lovely shade.. looks gorgeous :)

  5. The shade is soo Pretty :) .. You have awesome nails Babe - Loved the finish it offer to them - Glossy & Classy !

  6. Wow..lovely shade and finish!! But its expensive na !!!


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