March 28, 2014

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polishes 212 Hooked-On-Pink, 214 Orange Fix and 301 Tenacious Teal

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polishes (INR 75 for 6 ml

212 Hooked-on-Pink is a bold and Bright, almost bordering Neon Pink with a creamy shine. The nail Polish applied opaque after 2 coats and takes a while to completely dry.. There is no streakiness and the formula applies uniformly. This particular nail polish chipped on the 2nd day itself.. The consistency is medium thick. The second coat brings out the best of the color. The finish is shiny but not really glossy.

214 Orange Fix is a pretty Orange with a hint of coral, and is absolutely a stunning color for summers. It screams "Beach Holiday" for me. The consistency of this one is on the runnier side and not being careful with application can lead to pooling on the sides. The color needs to be built up in three coats and even then there is slight translucency in the formula. The texture is unlike my other Color Show Polishes. It feels a little liquidy gel like and performed the best out of my all Color Show polishes staying for as long as upto 4 days without chipping. The shine is fantastic and quite glossy. It's my favorite!!

301 Tenacious Teal is well, not really a Teal if you ask me. It is more of a Green ,maybe a little darker version of Lotus Herbals Go Grapes that I reviewed HERE, but nonetheless, a fabulous Color for nails. It goes opaque in 2 coats.The color kind of darkens and deepens after a day of wear, and loses it's shine easily too. It stays for almost three days with a little chip. 

My biggest concern about the Color Show nail Polishes is that the quality varies across shades.. The brushes in these three polishes are thin,and not that wide. The polish bottles are small and look cute. But overall, I love how these perform, with a exception of a few colors here and there, most of them applied smoothly and gave rich ,saturated color in 2 coats. 

Have you tried the Color Show Nail Polishes from Maybelline? What are you favorite shades?


  1. You have such beautiful long nails! The shape suits your nails so well! And Maybelline nail paints are such an all time fav of mine.

    Love the orange and teal!
    Just added you on G+ :)

    1. Thanks Naomi..I just cropped my nails short after taking some Nail Polish swatches day before...hehe..I hope they grow back fast :)

  2. Such pretty colours, and lovely NOTDs! I was eyeing Orange Fix at the store today, but bought something else and left. Will have to go back tomorrow and get it, since you say the quality is good :-)

    Added you in G+ btw!

    1. Oh you get that Rashi, it's the best performing color out of probably the 10 or so Color Show Polishes that I have ..
      Thank YOu! :)

  3. I Love Color Show :) Tenacious Teal looks yummy!
    Let me know if you want to follow each other on Bloglovin (GFC no longer compatible). Leave a comment if you follow and I always follow back :D
    Red Alice

  4. Those are apt for summers hue <3 .. Looks Killer on your Nails :)
    Orange Fix is my favorite Hands Down ;)

    1. It's not hard to guess you know...Everybody in the solar system knows about your love for Orange.. ;)


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