March 25, 2014

Movie Review: Sunsilk Real FM by Anurag Basu

You may have a loving family, caring parents, loving husband/boyfriend and a doting and over protective brother, but there's this thing about your gang of girlfriends that will always be special...That is your space to reveal your fears and anxieties, open up your heart and think in a different light, and I'm sure all girls would agree to it...The film that I'm going to be talking about today is one film that delves into such a relationship between a gang of girls, showing the wonderful camaraderie they share and how with the love and support of each other they overcome a major crisis that is about to overshadow the happiness in their lives. Read on to know more...

Anurag Basu presents Sunsilk Real FM

- A movie inspired by the spirit of Sunsilk girls who are ready to take on any challenge with a 'Go for it' attitude!


The film starts off in a regular looking household where we find that the male member suffers from stress related ailments which we subsequently find out is due to his Radio Station not doing well...Unable to cope with the stress, he collapses one day and that's when his daughter, Riya, also the protagonist of the story, comes into picture and takes upon herself the onus of putting back together the fallen pieces. She seeks help from two of her besties, and together the three girls, with a little more help from some friends put the Radio Station back into action and make it popular one more time.. Not only that amid the chaos of running the Radio station and finding fillers and looking out for live artists, one of the friends, who also happens to be an aspiring singer finally manages to convince her father of her dreams and gets to pursue her ambition of becoming a singer..

The highlight of the film is the excellent chemistry that these girls share amongst themselves, and how they fulfill a big challenge with oodles of confidence and remain undismayed throughout. Also, there is a lot of live music in the film from all across the country and each piece is so melodious and a musical masterpiece in itself. You have to hear it to believe it. I was completely smitten by the music right from the Kashmiri song to the Rajasthani song, to a piece from Chattisgarh and the final Hindi song from Uttarakhand, which is also my favorite one from the film.

Watch a snippet here :)

There are some topics that have been very delicately touched by the the maker of the film ,and for that I would like to give a big thumbs up to the director Akarsh Khurana (Of Kites, Krish an dKrish3 fame). It touches the issue of how people from the North-eastern part of the country face racism in their everyday lives, how corrupt policemen bother street-side vendors, and why parents should always allow their children to pursue their dreams without any baggage of expectations.

The starcast is fresh, and the girls totally fit into their characters. Their innovative thinking, target oriented strategic planning all woven into a frame of simplicity and vibrancy makes this movie a total winner for me. The girls have that street smartness and know how to use technology and social networking in popularizing their business and that's what is needed to survive in today's world. they excel at strategic planning and knew that differentiating their channel from others in terms of content would give them the competitive advantage their channel is looking for. 

Their is humor, there is emotion, there is good music and everything has been imbibed in the story seamlessly and there is never a dull moment in the film. 

If you like movies that have more content than star value, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND watching this one. 

I'm so glad that I got an opportunity to attend the Exclusive Screening of the film that the IndiBlogger Team conducted on the 21st of March, 2014 at the Tivoli Daffodils,Chattarpur, New Delhi . The evening was a lot of fun with bloggers getting themselves clicked against a backdrop which looked like a real Radio station, there was a Red Carpet, there was popcorn, there were colas and juices and post the screening we had dinner and got Sunsilk Gift Hampers, and not to forget the IndiBlogger Tees . I love how the IndiBlogger Team pampers Bloggers and organizes such amazing meets :)


  1. Is this a full length film or just a short feature? Sounds quite unusual! :-)

  2. can anyone plz send the link to download the song "ab tak safar aacha raha"

    1. I am unsure about that Khusboo..I've been looking for that myself :)


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