March 4, 2014

NOTD and Review : Faces Ultime Pro Nail Lacquer TWILIGHT

The Faces Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Lacquer TWILIGHT (Rs 399,available across Faces Counters, and stand alone stores) is a gleaming midnight blue nail color with a smooth glossy finish.

Product Description:
A single coat wonder! A truly professional range. Powered by a revolutionary high gloss formula. Long lasting, no chip finish. Gives a super rich color burst, even in a single coat. Available in a range of vibrant shades.

The Nail Color needs two coats to give completely opaque color. It comes in a round nail polish bottle with a metallic cap and looks pretty and is travel friendly. 

The shade is a gorgeous gleaming midnight blue with a multitude of fine blue and purple shimmer, which are super fine and only add to the shine without disturbing the glossy finish.

The consistency of the nail polish is quite thick and the brush is broad and thick, and makes application a little tough.The thickness of the brush does not give good control over application,and some stray bristles may actually end up spoiling your manicure. The nail color tends to pool on the sides of the nail bed, however, it dries quickly.

The Nail Color chipped after 3 days of wear.

Overall, it's a pretty and unique color (especially because of the fine colored shimmer particles!) and I love it for the staying power and quick drying ability. However, I would have loved it a bit more if the texture was slightly thinner,and the brush was more fine for better control. 

*PR Sample

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  1. OMG amazing blue it is for it on ur nails,very tempting,might get one :)


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