March 30, 2014

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail Color 420 Pacific Blue

Sally Hansen HARD as NAILS Xtreme Wear Nail Color #420 pacific Blue (Rs 250/11.8 ml) ,available online, at Parcos, and @NewU  +Ambience Mall Gurgaon 

The nail polish comes in a tall, round bottle with a  metallic cap. It's quite sturdy, but sometimes tends to topple because of the height to base diameter ratio. Not a geometrically stable shape I will say. The brush is medium sized and applied polish in two swipes on the complete nail bed.

The shade, Pacific Blue, is a pretty Periwinkle Blue, with a shiny glossy finish. It's quite an unusual color, for my collection and on its own too. I have not yet seen a similar shade across any other brands available here.. 

The Nail Color applied almost opaque in two coats. The texture is a bit on the runny side, but there is no streakiness or pooling.. The application is neat and error free.

The Nail Color stays for 3+ days on my nails and the glossiness also stayed with it. I love the uniqueness of the color and it can be a great color to pair up with a pair of white shirt and denims. It's bright , its cool and it's different. You got to have this Nail Color From Sally Hansen. 

I would recommend it for the glossiness and staying power. It's a unique shade ,and you will love how beautiful it would look on your fingertips on hot summer days. I <3!!


  1. This is such a sexy color! I like such pop out colors.
    Beautiful nails Agni. :)

  2. I have exact same colour cobalt blue kinda I so want this..
    Love the shape of ur nails...perfect length and shape :)

  3. Thanks so much Addy..I wish I hadn't cut off my nails anyway, I hope they grow back soon..

  4. You have The most Gorgeous Nails - Killer AGAIN ! Babe :)

    1. Thanks a lot sweetheart...But I cut off my nails..I hope they grow back again soon :D


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