March 4, 2014

The Skyscanner IndiBlogger Meet!

Whoa!! I really don't know where to begin from....
It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon, on March 1st, 2014, when I left home to attend The Skyscanner IndiBlogger meet at the Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi thinking I haven't been to many places in the last few years and don't get excited about the word "TRAVEL", so why am I even going for a meet where they would talk about a travel planner website..yes, meeting Indi-friends (is that even a term?) is always a great idea, and of course, the Indi-Team always makes every meet a memorable experience with lot so fun and humor thrown in, so ya, it should be a good way to spend some quality time on a lazy Saturday afternoon...Little did I know I would come back home with a lot of inspiration, to travel, and also learn a few ways about how to travel smarter..

The meet began with registrations and some amazing lunch. It was a huge gathering that day, of about 400 bloggers and perhaps one of the largest IndiBlogger meets ever...I was amazed at the way the IndiBlogger team managed the gathering (or should I say the crowd?) 

We then had a twitter contest where we had to take selfies with fellow bloggers, and mention a reason as to why we would want to go on a trip with that person to any place of our choice...the winning duo got open tickets for travelling to any destination in India. 

Post lunch, everybody was seated at their tables, and a few people from the Skyscanner team, told us about the skyscanner, and some of it's unique features like the EVERYWHERE feature, which allows you to see destinations according to your budget and the time when you wish to travel. It also has a feature called MONTH AND YEAR SEARCH, which can suggest you destinations depending upon when you wish to travel. So basically it is like you know that you want to travel and have a budget and time, but are unsure about the destination...Skyscanner can give you suggestions based on your preferences and also help you in selecting the cheapest flights and do hotel and cab bookings as well. Another great feature is , say for example if you wish to travel to a particular destination Skyscanner can also help you in searching for the lowest airfare to that destination across a span of an entire month or year..Isn't that so cool??
Post the informative session, we had a treasure hunt kind of activity called "Around the world". The entire gathering was divided into groups, and we were provided with 14 clues, that hinted to a particular place or country. We had to begin from a mentioned starting point and come back to that point, covering all the places via our route which had to be the cheapest one. It was quite an interactive game and I thoroughly enjoyed using the skyscanner app on my smartphone to locate the cheapest flights and complete the activity..That was such an interactive activity, and the whole team was totally engrossed in finding the best possible routes and cheapest tickets through 14 locations...well, it's a different story that our team didn't win..but it's okay  ;)

It was Hi-Tea after this, and then we got to hear some great travel stories by fellow bloggers and the thing that inspired me the most was the story of a female blogger who had traveled solo across various countries. For someone like me, who has always lived in India, it did sound scary,very scary...It's unimaginable, walking alone in our country, which is always so unsafe for women. And then I got to hear some more interesting travel stories, and why Singapore is such a safe country to travel alone to. Honestly, I have never felt so inspired in a long time now. All I want to do now is pack my bags and chalk out a travel plan and leave for a few days to a destination I have never been to, all alone, and feel the thrill and excitement of it. Ah! but I need I need new shoes before that...huh, anyway..

I also met some of my friends, bloggers obviously, from varied fields and had a good time chatting up with them all throughout the meet, and over lunch and tea...

Came back home with my mind buzzing with ideas about solo-travelling (just the thought of it fills me up with thrill and excitement!!) and some skyscanner goodies... It was indeed a very exciting day...and that's why I love going to IndiBlogger meets..It's always so much fun!!
Sharing some pictures from the event with you all..enjoy!! 
The mandatory Restroom selfie! :P
With Ankita 

Activity time!!

Food food!! nom-nom!!


  1. Absolutely loved your nail paint & jacket ka combo… effortlessly stylish!!!

    1. Thank you so much Bee..I'm okay with makeup, but when it comes to styling, I get all jittery...This is more like my comfort dressing, just a few pieces put on together, something that doesn't need too much effort..I'm so glad you liked it :)

  2. u're looking so cute and those red highlights are really pop out the way they shud...
    I missed all the fun :(

    1. never mind...there's always a next time...and thank you...not many people find me "cute" :D :*


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