April 22, 2014

INGLOT FREEDOM SYSTEM Lipstick Refill #83 : Review /FOTD

INGLOT Freedom Lipstick (Rs 350/ 1.2 g) #83 is a gorgeous bright Rosy Pink with a delightful satiny finish.

The Freedom System lipsticks from Inglot come in small pans that can be held together in a magnetic palette. These are easily one of my favorite lipsticks because they give me the choice of customising my lip color palettes, especially when I'm travelling and not in a mood to carry five(or more!) different lip colors along with their bulky cases that make me stay a bit extra careful when handling my makeup bag. 

INGLOT Freeedom System Lipsticks are creamy in texture, and intense in color and #83 is no exception . Just a couple of strokes with a lip brush give you beautifully defined lips with a layer of super saturated color that stays on for 4+ hours and fades away to a beautiful pink tint post meals. They look very creamy when freshly applied but settle down to a more satiny finish after a while. These do transfer, but not as much. 

Due to the creamy texture of the Freedom System Lipsticks, these do have a tendency to feather, however, using a lip liner, or setting the color along the outer edges of the lip with a compact combats the issue. It is slightly moisturising as well.

I have had this lipstick(new and unused) for many months now, and it happens with me all the time, buying and forgetting about a makeup product!! , but it's only recently that I started using #83 and I can't rave enough about it. More so because I'm in a PINK phase these days (blame it on the heat!) and I feel this is a refreshing change from all the deep dark lip colors I've been sporting for the past few months.

#83 is a the perfect pink lipstick for me right now, because I can apply it as a tint and top off with a balm for a daytime look, and I can apply it in full intensity for an evening full of fun. 

Overall, THE INGLOT FREEDOM SYSTEM Lipsticks area total value for money product because it offers easy customization along with a fabulous formula that has intense color but at the same time not drying on the lips. #83 is a gorgeous Pink, that can be used as a tint for a daytime subtle look or worn over with full intensity for a more glamorous pout. 

I recommend!!

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  1. That's a lovely pink, but for me (lazy as I am!) using a lipbrush is a hassle so I tend to avoid these. Pretty eotd, as usual :-)
    Btw, loving your new white theme- makes pictures pop so much better :-)
    Rashi @sincerelylazy


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