April 29, 2014

Events: IRAYA Store visit and a fun evening with Bloggers

On the 24th of April, 2014, I was invited by Iraya at their flagship store in DLF Promenade, New Delhi to experience the brand and check out its natural/botanical products. At the store, the bloggers and beauty writers had an interactive and fun session where they were educated about enhancing the skin's beauty quotient with Iraya's fresh natural cosmetics. 
We also got to sample some of the Fresh Face Masks from Iraya which sure looked very tempting in those Ice Cream containers and given out in scoops and are priced by weight.  These masks are made from finest natural sources including freshest flowers, freshest fruits and vegetables all mixed with absorbent clays for deep cleansing, toning and to rejuvenate the skin. Sweep away the dull and tired skin this summers as Iraya’s Fresh Masks reveal your brighter and smoother complexion.These perfectly blended fresh masks incorporate unique textures and colors, that need to be refrigerated and has expiry date of 2 weeks. 

I have two samples that I'm trying these days and will update you all on my experience with them. I also recieved a gift hamper from IRAYA which I'm yet to use so would post reviews in a few weeks.

Mr Rahul Kale telling us about Iraya, products, history etc..

About IRAYA:
The Iraya brand of beauty and wellness products was launched in 2006 by Sadatan Pure Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Sadatan has been manufacturing and exporting beauty and wellness products for over 20 years in highly evolved beauty markets like France, Italy, Russia and the US. Founded by Rahul Kale, Iraya is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise- perfect synergies for the modern day consumer. At present, IRAYA has become the favorite beauty and wellness brand for leading Hotel and Spas groups in India and international markets. IRAYA Spa products are popular for administering therapies in the Spa and also for retail through exclusive and well-known Spas across the world.
And, that's Pooja, Deeptima and I after the event, just enjoying our girlie time :)


  1. The ingredients in the cup look like icecream!
    You all look so pretty. I am sure this must be fun :*
    I am yet to shop from Iraya.

  2. In the bowls they look so delicious! Lovely event :)

  3. Wow...it looks like a super cool event...awesome pics dear...:-)


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