May 25, 2014

Sample Review : Iraya Ginseng Root Wrinkle Hiding Cream

Iraya Ginseng root Wrinkle Hiding Cream (Rs 795/ 50 gm), available online at

Breakthrough dual-action formula
Conceals wrinkles, Promotes Cellular rejuvenation

A breakthrough formulation that visibly reduces wrinkles for younger looking skin. works both cosmetically (on the surface of the skin) and therapeutically (from within). With concentrated extracts of ginseng  root and alchemilla, it stimulates cellular renewal and energizes skin, enhancing its firmness and elasticity. A powerful antioxidant, ginseng strengthens skin’s immunity so that signs of ageing are delayed and wrinkles stay away longer.
Gently apply onto face & neck, with fingertips, in firm upward strokes. Regular day and night use will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles and restore skin’s elasticity and radiance. 
Key Ingredients:
Ginseng: An adaptogen, increases resistance to stress, combats free radicals.
Alchemilla: Promotes skin healing & healthy growth.

The Iraya Ginseng root Wrinkle Hiding cream has the packaging which is exactly similar to the Saffron Elixir that I have reviewed previously. A round glass jar with a matte silver screw top lid. The jar that is shown in the pictures in this post is a sample jar that has 7 gm of product.

The Ginseng Root Wrinkle hiding cream is a pale yellow colored cream that feels quite dense when you pick it up on your fingertips, but surprisingly has a nice emollient texture that gets absorbed within a few seconds. Actually quite fast, so you have to be very quick while working with this product. 

The Ginseng Root Wrinkle Hiding Cream disappears into the skin leaving it looking matte yet radiant. The skin feels soft to touch and feels supple and hydrated from within. It also controlled oil on my face for a while so this was my daily moisturizer for the time that it lasted. It has a very cosmetic scent to it when you sniff it in the tub, but none post application. After 2 weeks of usage, I did not specifically notice any improvement in the skin condition as such, (i don't yet have very visible wrinkle or lines, maybe that's why!), however I was much impressed by the way my skin looked and felt every time I had this cream on.
After the debacle of the Saffron Elixir from Iraya, I was very skeptical of using this product as well. However after almost having used up all of it in 2 weeks' time, I can say for sure that this is one of the better performing moisturizing products I've tried. I am not quite sure of the wrinkle healing part though. You may try this product if you like natural /botanical products and are looking for one with anti-ageing and moisturizing properties.
I Recommend!

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