June 3, 2014

With the TRESemme' Split Remedy Range, say cheers to beautiful ends!!

It's the  time of unrest, the country is divided and all everyone's asking for is CHANGE, for the betterment of the society, for peaceful co existence and for a smoothly functioning society, devoid of any splits...

Yes, splits are bad, infact they are terrible. As a country ,we've always been split up by ruling parties for their own benefit, whereas , as a society, it has never been a comfortable feeling. Why would we want to live as a society who have been divided and discriminated upon , as reserved, or unreserved, minorities or majority, caste, gender , social status and what not.. Thankfully for us, there is one product that claims to fix those splits, The TRESemme' Split Remedy Range of Shampoo and Conditioner.

As a brand TRESemme' has always excited me enough when the first samples of the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner that were launched in India were sent to me by the generous team at IndiBlogger, and needless to say they really impressed me much with their quality, without breaking the bank. This time again when I received the samples for the split Remedy Range, I was indeed quite excited to try them since my hair was in a terrible mess as frequent washing with warm water all through winters had resulted in creating rough and dry ends alongwith extremely dull looking hair, and I couldn't really keep trimming up the ends since I wanted to grow back my hair.

I tried the samples sent by IndiBlogger and realised that I finished them up much faster than I thought I would so for writing this review, I once again repurchased the shampoo and the conditioner and here's my review on both of them.

TRESemme' Split Remedy's Split Rescue Shampoo is a mildly scented white shiny looking shampoo that claims to help rescue up to 96% split ends after 3 washes. It is available in bottles of 90 ml(Rs 80), 215 ml and 400 ml. The shampoo comes in a plastic bottle with a press top cap that reveals a small punched dispenser. The packaging is simple yet very efficient and I love how easy is this to travel with. Infact, I'm on a holiday right now and carrying this same bottle with me. It travelled in my suitcase through air without leaking even the slightest bit. I think that's really awesome.

The shampoo is a white shiny colored liquid that lathers well on contact with water and spreds easily through hair to clean the tiniest bit of dirt and grime. I have absolutely no complaints except that if it is not used in conjunction with the conditioner, the smoothing effects may not be as pronounced.

TRESemme' Split Remedy's Split Rescue Conditioner is a milky liquid , quite dense in it's formulation, and comes in trhe same packaging and the sizes as the shampoo from the range. I absolutely love the conditioner since it manages to smoothen out the rough ends of my hair (yeah! hot water and hair color has made my tresses a bit too dry for my liking!!). When used after shampoo, it sprreads extremely easily and makes my hair feel super soft and silky to touch, the effects of which last up to two days and more.

Ever since I have been using the split remedy range, my hair feels more nourished and soft and silky to touch without feeling heavy. The deep conditioning effects last for up to two days and more, and if you're looking for a shampoo within a budget for rough and dry hair, or colored hair with split ends, look no further. I have colored hair and have not experienced any bad effects whatsoever after using this range of shampoo and conditioner.

To mend split ends, you DO NOT have to always cut them short, you may mend them too with the TRESemme's Split Remedy Range of Shampoo and Conditioner, one product that repairs along with cleaning and conditioning. It now has a permanent in my hair care essentials list since it worked so well to repair my dry ends..

 It's your one stop solution to SPLIT ends !! 


  1. I am yet to buy this range! will try it soon. great review dear!

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