July 16, 2014

The Body Shop BLUEBERRY Body Butter : Review

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter (Rs 1195/200 ml) is a rich body cream that melts into your skin and leaves it feeling super soft and fragrant for long hrs. Available at The Body Shop counters across India and currently available online at 50% off at thebodyshop.in
This uplifting Body Butter is rich in juicy moisture, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Did you know each pot contains the oil from at least 500 blueberries?
•24-hour hydration
•For all skin types
•Uplifting blueberry scent
Housed in a Body Butter tub with screw top lid, this tub is a blue colored one with a hint of purple. The Body butter is white in color and not tinted according to the fragrance, and smells divinely of ripe sweetened blueberries. I like it but not exactly love it, since I'm not a huge fan of sweet scents. Also, I repeatedly say that I find the Body Butter tubs a little unhygienic since you have to dip into them, and also I would prefer The Body Shop to sell these with a seal at the stores because I'm forever doubtful of someone else having opened the lid before.

The fragrance is moderately strong, not too strong to suffocate you but strong enough to fill up the room when you apply it. The fragrance lingers on faintly hours after you've applied it, say around 4-5 hours on me.

The texture of this body butter is a little stiff as compared to other body butters that I've tried from The Body Shop. It does not move around much inside the tub as opposed to what I have experienced with other Body Butters , even during this hot and humid summer. The Body Butter sinks in fast into the skin,it is quite malleable that way, melting like butter on your warm skin!!

The moisturization truly lasts upto 24 hours as claimed and that is something quite remarkable. I can feel the suppleness in my skin even when I take a shower the next day.

The Blueberry Body Butter is a nice body butter from The Body shop,with great hydration and a gentle lingering fragrance. The sweet and fruity scent of blueberries can be a treat for those who love fruity scents. The scents lingers on for around 4-5 hours after which it fades, however the hydration stays for a full 24 hour duration. Do give it a try sometime if you're fond of such scents!! 

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