July 20, 2014


Product Description:

7 Trillion Collagen Capsules!
This collagen cream makes wrinkles less visible and keeps your skin looking firm, smooth and youthful. It can improve and prevent wrinkles caused by dryness and aging.

  • Tighten slack skin and impart bouncy resilience
  • Evens out the skin texture to make it look luminous and full of clarity
  • Swiftly and deeply hydrates the stratum corneum to retexture skin and prevent roughening caused by dryness.
  • Richly textured, yet non sticky formula permeates skin to retain the skin's vital moisture for hours

How to
As the final step in your daily skincare routine, smooth an appropriate amount over face with fingertip.

As is with most new launches, I also got tempted to try something from the newly introduced skincare line in the Indian Market by Shiseido. Za has counters in many department stores now, I have seen it in Health and Glow, at Central, and of course NewU. I had got this cream a while ago, just when it was launched, however, since summers were at its peak and I found that most heavy duty creams coming off with sweat, I stopped using this cream, but I  recently started using it again and here is my take on the product.

The Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream -Anti -aging + Firming comes in a pretty dark Pink shiny jar. The material is plastic, which I prefer for my skin creams after some disastrous experiences with glass jar ones, and this one is fairly sturdy and easy to carry around. It has a screw top lid and closes firmly.

The cream has a very cushiony gel like consistency and feels cool upon application. It has a mild floral scent which I loved. 

The cream spreads fairly easily on the skin and gets absorbed fast too. And because it spreads easily, you only need a very tiny amount for each application. Post blending, skin feels smooth and extremely slippery to touch. It was easy for me to guess that this product has silicones in its ingredients list and boy I was right!! With time and experience of using so many beauty and skincare products , I think anyone could tell. 

I had never really used a Collagen Cream before so I was quite interested in trying this, plus it claimed to improve wrinkles caused due to dryness, which is becoming a major skin concern for me nowadays since my skin texture has taken a U-turn from being oily and acne prone to Normal and prone to dryness and being extra sensitive. 

Anyway, though the cream got absorbed fast and instantly evened out the fine lines on my skin, I always had this feeling that I was wearing some heavy-duty product on the skin. It was quite uncomfortable that way!  Also, it made my skin greasy after about 30 mins or so even under normal temperatures. 

Nowhere on the cream is it mentioned whether it is actually a day or night cream, however due to the heavy texture, I decided to wear this only at night time giving my Vichy Lift Active Night a break for a few weeks. Even then, every morning when I woke up, my face was all greasy and oily, and there would be a breakout every once in a while. This cream seemed to open up the pores on my skin and made them look larger and more prominent.

I still hoped things would get better, however even after three weeks of continuous usage, I realized that this cream only seemed to work superficially and not penetrate deep inside the layers of skin to make fine lines diminish or even provide enough hydration to my skin. My skin was just the same (maybe worse!) and the nice smooth skin effect that I used to get immediately after application was only a facade. 

Overall, I am very disappointed with the Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream because it just did not work on me. The silicones were an irritant on my skin, and the soft and smooth effect that I got lasted only until I washed my face again. Coming from the house of Shiseido, I had high hopes out of this product but it failed me miserably. I would never recommend this cream to anybody, because whether or not you are allergic to silicones in skincare products, one would at least expect hydration and moisture from a skin cream and not just coat your face with a layer of smooth silky layer of product.

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