August 7, 2014

Blogger's Meet : The Bright and Beautiful Mega Pamper Party by JAFRA

Hi everyone!

On the 30th of July, 2014, I was invited to be a part of The Bright and Beautiful Mega Pamper Party hosted by JAFRA Ruchi Cosmetics India Pvt. Ltd. at their office in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Th event began with a round of introductions of the bloggers and the JAFRA team present there. It was being hosted by Sonia Seth Sharma, General manager Marketing at JAFRA India. I love these introductory rounds because one may not know everyone present at an event and it also it helps in breaking the ice between people. 

Post the introductions, Sonia took us through a presentation that told us about the history of JAFRA, how it all started and where it is now. Also, she informed us about the kind of ingredients that go in the making of JAFRA Cosmetics and how much research goes into creating each product at JAFRA. 

The party was all about trying the new JAFRA Brightening range and the bloggers (including me!) ,were asked to take off their makeup and try the Jafra brightening Range products through a proper CTM routine. We were provided with towlettes and makeup removers to wipe clean our faces, and then starting with cleansing, we proceeded on to scrubbing, toning and finally moisturizing our faces using products from the brightening range. I must specifically mention here that I loved the Toner and the Serum from the brightening range (which we also got as a part of the gift hamper set at the end of the event, so yay to that!!).

The session ended with so many glowing faces and chit-chat and photo session with some snacks and beverages!! It was indeed a bright and beautiful party and I loved being a part of it.

Sharing some pictures from the event with you all. Also, do stay tuned for lots of reviews on the entire brightening range, which would follow in the coming month. 

That's me with Poonam of Beauty and Makeup Matters Blog!

The bloggers enjoying the session!!
And the lovely gift hamper that we all got..It has everything from the Brightening range plus a night cream from the Beauty Dynamics range  :)

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