August 2, 2014

KRYOLAN Lip Gloss True Red : Review/Swatch/FOTD

Kryolan Lip Gloss (Rs 275), available across Kryolan Stores across the country and at Kryolan City, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Kryolan Makeup is a popular choice among makeup artists and enthusiasts ,simply because of the wide array of color choices available and that too at a very affordable price. For the same reason, I had picked up this Lip Gloss on my first visit to the Kryolan Store in my city , also pictured in the haul post HERE.

The Kryolan Lip Gloss comes in a small transparent plastic tube with a silver cap and a regular doe foot applicator. The packaging is simple and the tube is super tiny.

The shade TRUE RED is a  warm Red in my opinion, that looks a bit orange-y when sheered out on the lip in natural daylight, which is how you see it in my FOTD below. In artificial light , it looks like  a True Neutral Red though!

The texture is medium thick, but the pigmentation is amazing. The Gloss is packed with rich color pigments that cover all kinds of Lip imperfections in a just about 2 swipes of color. The great part is you can wear this Gloss just as a lip stain by sheering out the color, or even as a full intensity lip color by layering the color. Since the wand is not very daft at applying color, I like to build up the color layer by layer so that it looks even.

There is a slight cosmetic fragrance in the product , but it not quite discernible unless you put your nose to the tube opening.

The staying power is not too great, just about an hour and a half, and it tends to feather unless  paired with a lip liner. It leaves a light reddish -orange stain behind.It also tends to fade unevenly, and the only way to do a touch up is by taking off all the color and reapplying again. I have experienced that it works better as a top up on a matte red lipstick. That way it lasts longer and bleeds less!

Overall, The Kryolan Lip Gloss is a fabulous makeup add on at a great price. As I mentioned, there are some issues with the product like less staying power and tendency to feather, but honestly, at that price, I really couldn't be asking for more than what it offers which is great pigmentation and a very lightweight texture. If you are fond of lightweight glossy lip products, you might want to try this Lip Gloss from Kryolan. The shade Range is limited but there are a couple of stunners that can surely catch your fancy!

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  1. oh my! What a beautiful lady and what a beautiful lipcolor!! :D
    Somehow the color reminds me of Maybelline's Cranberry Cocktail I was hooked on to. I so wish there were a flagship store here in Kolkata.


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