August 13, 2014

Makeup Tutorial : Soft metal brown smokey eye

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I posted a Makeup look for which I did get a few requests about the makeup breakdown for the eyes and also a tutorial for the same. Today, I recreated the same soft metal brown smokey eye so I could show you the steps involved. This kind of smoked eye makeup is perfect for day wear, and you can intensify the colors when wearing it at night.

To achieve this look, I have used the following products. You may choose similar shades from some other brands as well.

You need:

  1. An eye primer (MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer)
  2. A matte brown base color (I used the brown color from the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Brown and Gold)
  3. A Matte Dark Brown Eye shadow (Sephora Colorful Mat Morning Mocha)
  4. A matte black eyeshadow (Inglot AMC 63)
  5. A shimmering gold (Inglot Pearl 430)
  6. A compact Powder or Nude matte powder shadow (I used my Studio Fix Powder in NC 42)
  7. A metallic Brown eyeshadow (L'Oreal Infallible Endless Chocolate)
  8. A waterproof Kohl (Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate)
  9. An eyelash curler (I use a QVS one)
  10. A mascara of your choice (Rimmel Scandaleyes)

And now the picture tutorial:

  1. Start by applying Concealer under the eyes and filling your eyebrows
  2. Apply an eye primer on the lids upto the brow bone and under the lower lashline
  3. Blend the primer
  4. Apply a nude powder eyeshadow or compact powder on the highest point under your eyebrows.
  5. Apply the matte brown gel liner over the lids until the crease area and a little under the lower lash line.
  6. Blend the harsh edges with a blunt brush.
  7. Apply the Gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye.
  8. Place some matte dark brown eyeshadow above the outer edge of the crease and softly blend it. Make sure to not overblend or else it will lose the intensity and move away from where we want it to be. We're doing this only to add some dimension to the eye area.
  9. Place some matte black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lid.
  10. Apply the Metallic Brown eyeshadow on the lids, avoiding the inner and outer corner so as to not spoil the color we already placed there. Also apply the same color along the lower lashline
  11. Apply kohl to the waterline and thinly along the upper lash line. Softly blend the colors on the lids just so there are no harsh color lines or demarcations. Everything should kind of merge with each other and not look like patches of color.
  12. Curl lashes and apply your favorite Mascara and you're good to go!!
The end result will look like the following pictures (These are from yesterday's makeup). Combine this with glossy Pink lips or a glossy peachy pout, this can add a lot of glamour to even your simplest of outfits!!

Have fun trying this tutorial girls!!


  1. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! and thank you for the tutorial :) muahhhhhhhhh <3 <3

    1. Hey...You're most welcome babes..I hope it's easy to understand...
      Love and hugs to you too :* <3 XX

  2. Wow! Going to try it myself soon! This is going to be my staple look for Nabami night! You look super gorgeous in the pics. Which lipstick you're wearing?

    1. hey, that's great Sayantini, I'm still struggling with what to wear on which day so can't even zero down on the makeup part ;)
      I'm wearing Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Pink Bouquet, over it a layer of the MAX Factor Color Elixir Giant Pen stick in Foxy Amber and a layer of the Bourjois Effect 3D max Gloss in #66 :)

  3. Oh wow I loved this look and strangely enough I have them or great alternatives to all of them, looks like I MUST give it a try!

    1. Oh great, then you must give it a's super easy as well :)

  4. The makeup is beautifully done! I just loved it!
    Cool clicks too :)


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