August 15, 2014

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex design my eyebrow #02 Dark Brown : Review

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex design my eyebrow (Rs 300/ 0.25 g), available at Sephora

Eyebrows are an important part of your face and if you choose to ignore prepping them, no matter how well done the rest of your makeup is, it would still look incomplete. It took me really long to realize that (I just started using eyebrow shaping products and tools about 3 years back!!), but ever since I did, there's no looking back. The most common reasons why many Indian women chose to ignore shaping brows was that

  • Eyebrow pencils were available in just one color, BLACK , till about a few years back
  • And second, shaping eyebrows was thought to be a cumbersome task, which I belive still is, unless you have a tool that can make your life easier
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex design my eyebrow #02 Dark Brown is a dual sided pencil with retractable product on one side and a spoolie shaper brush on the other. On both sides you get caps to keep the ends covered. The design of the pencil is fantastic. You don't need to carry an extra brush to tame the stray hair on your brows once they're filled and the caps fit tightly so you will never have a mishap! If you want some extra taming, just spray a tiny bit of hair spray on the shaper brush and run through your brows for a complete day of well groomed and well tames brows.

The pencil has a unique triangular shape, with one end higher than the other and that makes filling your brows a cakewalk, unlike the rounded tip ones. Also, the product is a little stiff and not soft or wax-y,so the amount of color can be controlled. Nobody wants to end up with overfilled brows that look stark against your complexion.
A small tip that I want to share is always choose the shade of your eyebrow pencils one shade lighter than your natural hair color to make them look natural.

With this eyebrow pencil, I have substantially reduced the time I spend on doing my eyebrows. I was doing it the regular way like filling up with a pencil and then again blending with an eyebrow powder etc. Now, I don't have to do all of that, just pull out this pencil, and run a few strokes...

Overall, I must admit that is the only eyebrow product I'm using these days and I can now imagine why the world goes crazy about Korean makeup. The design of the pencil, dual end with a spoolie, and that well thought triangular cross section with a rounded top, are the two things that differentiates this product with other eyebrow products available in the market. Along with the affordable price tag, I don't see a reason why I should not be purchasing and re-purchasing this all the time. It's a hit, and if you haven't tried this pencil, you're surely missing something in life!!
Highly recommended!!

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