September 4, 2014

JAFRA BRIGHTENING DYNAMICS Skin Brightener + Gel facial Aclaradore : Review

JAFRA BRIGHTENING DYNAMICS Skin Brightener +  Gel facial Aclaradore (Rs 1090/ 30 ml), available through JAFRA consultants.

A few weeks back, I attended this awesome Bright and Beautiful Party by JAFRA Ruchi Cosmetics India Pvt Ltd, About which I blogged HERE, and were provided with products from the brightening range to try. Some products from the range made it to my skincare favorites post too (Link HERE) and here's my review on my most loved product from the entire range. Continue reading to know why..

The JAFRA BRIGHTENING DYNAMICS Skin Brightener +  Gel facial Aclaradore is basically a skin serum that claims to naturally brightens dull complexion, even skin tone, creating luminous skin.

The Skin Brightener comes in a simple white plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and a transparent cap. The bottle looks nice and pristine and I love skin care products in white packaging. The mouth of the pump is small and in one full pump it dispenses only enough product to cover your whole face. Not a milligram extra, so the chances of wastage or pumping out any extra is zero. I love how carefully designed that pump is. The only flip side is that the bottle is not transparent and you can never know when you're going to run out of it!

The product is not like a heavy cream or serum, but instead a very lightweight moisturizing gel and is s;lightly brownish in color.. It quickly penetrates inside the skin and leaves your face looking soft and well nourished instantly. How I like to apply is apply small dots all over the face and then blend because it sinks in quite fast.

I have been using this serum for about a month now and it has substantially brightened up my complexion. I can't say for sure if it has lightened my complexion, but I can clearly notice that it has worked beautifully on some fresh break out marks that I had last month. The effects are much more noticeable after atleast 3 weeks of usage. I am so sure about it because the brightening range from JAFRA is the only skincare I have been using for the last one month (except for a line filler and eye cream from VICHY, and that too only at bedtime!!) . My skin looks visibly uplifted and my friends who see me everyday have recently started complimenting me for the same and have been asking what I'm using currently. 

I am more confident than ever before to be stepping out of the house without makeup because beautiful skin is the best makeup one can ever wear. It makes me feel so confident from inside that I don't feel the need of wearing any concealer at all. Though I still have some sun spots and age spots around my eye area and side of cheeks, but overall I'm mighty impressed with this product and would recommend it to everybody around.

Overall, the JAFRA BRIGHTENING DYNAMICS Skin Brightener +  Gel facial Aclaradore is one of the best serums I've used till dateOn the pack it says that this is meant for all skin types and looking at the consistency of the product, my personal recommendation would be exactly the same as well. So well, if dull skin is making your mood dull too, you must try this amazing skincare product from JAFRA for a visibly brighter and refined looking skin. Shine on with luminous skin!

Highly recommended!!

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