September 17, 2014


JAFRA Brightening Toner (Rs 590/ 125 ml), available through JAFRA Consultants

When it comes to skincare, I am one of those kinds who very frequently skip toners for the sheer laziness of it. My tryst with toners have been extremely limited to using only 3-4 kinds until today and I so clearly remember finishing up only two, i.e. the Lotus Herbals Basil tone toner and the Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Skin Type 3. I still have a Forest Essentials one with me (which I don't like a bit!!) and then finally one day, thanks to the people at JAFRA , I landed up with this Brightening toner in my kitty. 

I am very glad that JAFRA's Pamper Party had us all bloggers trying these products right then and there otherwise, I'm not sure if I would have ever even opened up this bottle. (....?)

The JAFRA Brightening Toner comes in a simple white colored bottle with a screw top cap . The bottle head is sealed with a plastic cap with a small opening that helps you control the amount of product dispensed (the kind you have on Nail Polish remover bottles). It's simple and very mess free..

The toner is actually a clear liquid that is quite runny (just like all other toners!) BUT it smells heavenly. OMG!! that fragrance was the first thing that attracted me towards this toner. It's delicate, feminine and very floral. Like the scent of fresh jasmine flowers just plucked from a tree. I absolutely love the scent. It makes the otherwise boring process of swiping the toner on a cotton swab all over the face, a lot more delightful.

I happened to read the ingredients list very carefully today, and I noticed that this toner has some noteworthy ingredients like Liquorice, Winter Cherry and Red Seaweed Extracts.

(Why today?? Because all of a sudden in the past 2-3 days, my skin is going through a rough patch with allergies and irritation, which I'm guessing is because of some new products that I was testing)

Anyway, I have been using this toner for the past one month or so , along with the JAFRA Serum (that I reviewed a few days back HERE), and this toner never caused any allergies on me. In fact, this is a very mild toner that I gently swipe on a cotton ball everyday , atleast twice a days and it gently refreshes my face and takes off any remaining deposits on the face after a wash. This is non-irritating to skin and does not cause any stinging or burning feeling. I have very sensitive skin and this worked beautifully on me.

I have particularly noticed that the skin care products that I apply afterwards get absorbed better in my skin and also the face looks much brighter.

When used in conjunction with the Serum and Night Cream from the JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Range, it worked very well to keep my skin healthy looking.

Overall, I'm mighty impressed with this toner and would totally recommend it to everyone, since it's suitable for all skin types. It's inexpensive as compared to some other high end toners that I've tried and delivers all that a good toner is supposed to. The fragrance is extremely soothing and despite the fact that it does have some amount of alcohol (that most toners have as well too..), it never stung or caused any allergies. If you're looking for a great budget toner, this, has got to be it!

Totally recommended!!

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