September 11, 2014

SEPHORA Long-Lasting eyeliner #14 violet fantaisie : Review/EOTD/FOTD

SEPHORA Long_lasting eyeliner Violet Fantaisie (Rs 800/2.33 g), available at SEPHORA, across NCR
With the weather playing its games on us Delhites, I have temporarily switched over to an eyeliner ONLY phase, (or you may say minimal eyeshadow and bright liner phase to be more precise!!). My usual everyday makeup now comprises of a defined crease and highlighted brow with an eyeliner. I usually prefer a pencil liner when in a rush because the are so much more easier to control and correct (in case you make a mistake), however, I do occasionally turn to liquid eyeliners as well though I admit I have a very negligible collection of those.

Sometime around last month(.....?), I had picked up this purple eyeliner from SEPHORA (although I was very tempted to pick up a blue!), and I've been wearing it often for the past month and here's my review on the same.

The SEPHORA Collection Long-Lasting eyeliner comes in a simple plastic bottle with a color indicating cap which has a felt tip applicator. The applicator handle is long and gives a very comfortable grip while the brush is super fine and allows you to draw extremely thin lines with great precision.

The eyeliner is ultra pigmented and gives an opaque line of color in a single swipe. In case you wish to make your liner thicker, you would have to run across several times since I mentioned before that the brush is very fine.

The shade #14 Violet Fantaisie is beautiful shade of vibrant purple that has very fine multicolored shimmer (which I noticed when I was taking pictures of the swatch in the macro mode). The liner looks glossy when applied ,but it settles down to a matte finish in a few seconds.If you prefer your liners to be matte finish, this can be your pick any day.

The eyeliner easily lasts long, a minimum of 5-6 hours ,unless you rub your eyes. It won't smudge or smear, however it is not completely waterproof. A splash of water on the eyes and you can see it running down. You do not actually need a makeup remover with this.
Overall, the SEPHORA Long-lasting eyeliner in Violet Fantaisie us a gorgeous purple eyeliner withe  a matte finish. There are two things that would totally define this eyeliner i.e. precise and ultra pigmented. Of course it is pricey, but then, if the shade is unique and not easily available in any other brand, I wouldn't mind picking up one once in a while.


  1. Wow! Lovely .. so fresh. (Have subscribed to your feed. Getting updates directly to my phone now)

    1. Thanks Birinder!! I'm so glad that finally you're a subscriber too :) :*

  2. God! Woman you have such gorgeous eyes... i kept staring at your eyes for minutes...
    even the colour looks very beautiful on you .... Loved the review..

    DO checkout :

    1. Hey Tarry, that's so kind of you to say..Thanks a lot :)


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