October 16, 2014

Glitter Nails with NewU Nail Enamels : Mirror Metallic in Tutti Fruity and Glitterati in Green Pearl

NewU Nail Enamels (Rs 75/5 ml), available across NewU outlets pan India

Hi Everyone,

If you remember the Nail Polish basket I received from team NewU (in the post HERE), these two nail Colors were specifically picked by my little one to be used together and have somehow become his favorite combination. My 4 yr old loves to suggest me what nail colors I should wear and which glitter top coat will match with it...Maybe it is overexposure to the world of cosmetics...

Anyway, coming to the topic, today, I am going to review a Metallic Finish Nail Polish from NewU called Tutti Fruity. With the festivities at their full swing, Metallic Nail polishes are a popular choice with girls for the season. For many years now, I have only seen metallics in the shade of Gold and Silver and I am so glad that NewU has finally launched metallic shades of Nail Colors in hues of Greens and Pinks and Blues...

NewU has also changed the packaging of these nail colors so now they come in a elongated bottle with a silver cap (For Metallics and Glitterati Range). In the images below I'm wearing the Mirror Metallic shade as a base and topped it with the Glitterati in Green Pearl (already reviewed HERE).

Tutti Fruity is a vibrant light green Nail Polish with a metallic finish. It is intensely pigmented and goes opaque in a single coat. I wore only one coat of the color  in the pictures below and I did not quite see a reason why I should go for a second one!!

It dries on very fast on the nails, like just about half a minute or so, and you don't need to wait between subsequent coats.

The nail color stays on without chipping for a minimum of 3-4 days even without a top coat.

At a price point of Rs 75 a bottle, it just can't get any better. I have absolutely no complaints about this Nail Color and highly recommend you all to try the Metallics Range from NewU. 
With Flash light

Under Natural Light


  1. very unusual green, you don't finish such metallic greens in brands

  2. wowiee ! Beautiful Shade ^_^ .. Looks Stunning on your nails :)

  3. Nice NOTD... quite an unusual green..... by the way it seems your 4 yr old has a great sense of fashion....

    1. haha..Thanks girl...I'd like to think the same of the little fellow..He always advises me on what to wear and what not to pair ..lol


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