October 8, 2014

Innisfree eco nail color PRO #12

Innisfree eco nail color PRO (Rs 300/ 7 ml), available at Innisfree Retail Outlet in Khan Market, New Delhi
Sometime back I did a small haul from Innisfree Store in Khan Market, New Delhi about which you can read HERE. This Nail Polish was one of my impulsive picks and I'm so glad that I picked this one.

The Innsifree eco nail color PRO comes in a small cylindrical bottle with a white cap. I'm so glad that the bottle contains only 7 ml of the product because I hate big nail polish bottles. Especially because I always want to try newer shades and I can't ever finish up nail polish bottles, so less is better for me. The applicator brush is quite wide and covers the entire nail bed in two strokes.

The Innisfree eco nail color PRO #12 is a hybrid color between Blue and Purple, a true Indigo in my opinion. The color BLUE in all its myriad forms and shades is always a hit with me, especially when it comes to color makeup and this nail color is so beautiful that it's hard to miss on the nails. I think this is a perfect winter shade for medium to short nails. 

The consistency of this nail color is on the thicker side. It applies smoothly without any streaking, pooling on the sides or bubbling. Even though it's thick, the color dries fairly fast which came as a surprise to me. The color goes totally opaque in 2 swift coats.The most noticeable part of this nail polish apart from the color is the high shine finish. If you're like me  and prefer shiny nails to matte ones, you're going to love this one. It doesn't even need a top coat for additional shine!!

The nail color has a very impressive stay time of not less than 5 days on my nails without any chip at all. The shine may fade after 2 days of wear, but you can rebuild it with a hi-shine top coat since the base stays intact for much longer.
Overall, I'm mighty impressed with this nail color from Innisfree and hope to pick up more on my next visit to  the store. The hi-shine formula with impressive staying time has totally won me over. It may be a little price-y as compared to some budget counterparts but I will say it is totally worth it!
I recommend!!


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