October 15, 2014

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner # LAZER GREEN

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner , (Rs 275/ 3g), available in 5 stunning shades across Maybelline Counters in all major department stores
Hi everyone,
I'm back again with another of the HyperGlossy Liquid liners, and the shade that will be reviewing today is called LAZER GREEN.
Electro Shock
has already been reviewed HERE

The Hyper Glossy Liquid Liners come in small conical pots with screw on caps and a fine brush applicator. The packaging with color coded bottoms is simple and compact. I would have actually preferred a felt tip instead of the brush since the brush tends to bend at time and may create a hindrance when you intend to draw smooth lines. 

The shade "LAZER GREEN" is a super gorgeous metallic blue-green duochrome  shade and is quite an uncommon eye liner shade for my collection. 

Th eye liner is intensely pigmented, and of medium consistency, so application is not tough (ignoring the brush applicator part!!). Make sure you shake the bottle hard to mix the pigments inside every time before application. There's probably a steel ball or something inside that makes noise when the contents are properly mixed.

don't need to layer the product or run over it again and again. Being a budget liner, that was one thing I was skeptical about but Maybelline has nailed it at the right spot with the color intensity.

The other shade, Electro Shock that I have (reviewed HERE), feels stretchy on the lids when layered too much. However, with Lazer Green, there's no such issue.

The eyeliner stays for 6+ hours.

Overall, The Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics eye liner in Electro Shock is a great budget eyeliner that is gives intense color in one stroke and stays on and on. I would have actually preferred a felt tip brush instead of the fine brush applicator which does not give very neat application. Also, extra layering leads to a weird stretchy feeling on the lids which is not a very comfortable feeling.
Highly recommended for girls who want to try colored metallic eyeliners without breaking the bank!!


  1. Sooooo wow on you Agni :) i am falling short of words to praise you every time :(

    1. Rashmi, I have to thank you for getting me interested in colored liners and daring to go bold with colors..You are the queen bee darling!! :) :*

  2. Nice color but leans more towards turquoise. Wish it would have been a deep emerald green...

    1. Yes, deep emerald would've been great too, but I love the duochrome effect of this one a lot as well...It's nothing like anything I have tried before :D

  3. Nice color but leans more towards turquoise. Wish it would have been a deep emerald green...


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