October 13, 2014

Testing times : New makeup in my vanity!!

Hi Everyone,

I've been away from buying makeup for a while now and only wanted to invest in skincare. Would you believe it if I told you I haven't bought a single lipstick since July? Haha, it is quite hard for me to believe the same myself, however, the truth is it just happened, and I don't know how...Maybe there weren't many exciting launches, everybody was just coming up with Nail Polishes, and though MAC probably had a new collection launch every fortnight, I did not find them tempting at all....

So, anyway, coming to the point, I hauled a bit, let's just call it a Karwachauth special ;)
This includes some new products that I was really longing to try, and some that I've had my eyes on for long and finally decided to give in.. Let's see what are these....

From Revlon:

Yes guys, finally the Colorstay Moisture Stains are here in India, although I saw only six shades available at the Revlon Counter as compared to the 12 available overseas. That's sad because the shade I actually wanted , "New York Scene" was not launches here ...tsk! tsk! So I just got one of these, Barcelona Nights. These are priced at Rs 670 or so.

I also picked up a mascara , since I had never befor etried any mascara from Revlon. Let's see how this one fares!!

That Golden Box Clutch that you see, its a GWP. Revlon always floors me with their amazing GWPs .. <3 <3

Some picks from Sephora:
  • Waterproof eye makeup remover
  • Sephora eyeshadow in Jungle Party
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo: This one had been on my list for so long. Finally I did pick it up.

Maybelline picks!
  • Hyperglossy eyeliners in Electro Shock and Lazer Green
  • Colorshow Lipstick in Cherry Crush 

I plan to review a lot of makeup in the upcoming weeks and super excited to try those eyeliners from Maybelline. What are you excited about??


  1. I too recently got this Sephora remover, that's a lot new in your makeup kit :)

    1. haha..yes, added some more pieces yesterday as well, though they aren't pictured here..These should keep me busy for the next few days :)


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