November 24, 2014

Makeup Look: Why are Mondays so blue??

 Hello Everyone,

Well, yes, it's again a Monday, and I don't know how, but very often when I'm doing a look on Monday, my hands automatically picks up makeup in the shades of blue...Today, yet again, was another such Monday and while I started off with something else in my mind, I ended up creating this look. Oh yes, if you think I'm doing too many of these bling-y looks these days, blame it on the upcoming wedding season and winter holidays .... ;)

So, coming on to the look, I admit, its an overload of bling, and that blue glitter that you see on my lids are from the Faces Glitter stackables that I've had for a while, and used numerous times for nail art, but never for makeup..uh!! what a pity because after looking at how today's look turned out, I'm quite sure I will be using the stackables very often on my eyes as well. I stuck the glitter on using Inglot's Duraline (and I think I desperately need something better especially for glitter eye makeup!!). 

The lipstick is from the Maybelline's Color Show range (Cherry Crush reviewed HERE).

I used Revlon's Photoready whipped creme makeup after ages today..I love how this foundation shows up in pictures, especially under flash..

Hope you all like this look...

Have a great evening all :)


  1. You are looking so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Bhawna... The glitter surely looks magical give this look a try someday :)

  2. I dint know someone could create such beautiful look and look gorgeous with blue eyeshadow that too eyedust :O

    1. Awww...Thanks a lot babe... Loose glitter adds a lot of glamour to any dull look instantly.. do try :)


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