November 10, 2014

NewU Glitterati Nail Enamel #79 Icy Cool

NewU Glitterati Nail Enamel, (Rs 75/ 5 ml), available across NewU stores
Hi Everyone,

You all ny now, would know my fascination for Nail Enamels and when it comes to budget picks, NewU has always been my preferred option. Today I'm going to review another gorgeous glitter shade from the NewU range called "Icy Cool".

With the new revamped packaging, NewU Nail Enamels now come in oblong bottles, and the Metallics and Glitterati Range have silver caps while the others have a black cap. The bottle is simple and sturdy and despite falling down from my clumsy hands, it has survived.

The shade #79, Icy Cool is a gorgeous and stunning shade of Sparkling Silver glitter. 

The polish is loaded with silver glitter, both fine and some hexagonal ones, and goes opaque in a single coat and a second coat adds to the neat finish. The brush is slender, yet applies the color quite evenly on the nail beds. The Nail Polish is neither too thick ,nor too thin , but a very easily workable consistency. It dries quickly without you needing too much time in between coats.

When freshly applied , the nails feel gritty to touch, but after a day of wear, the grittiness subsides and the surface becomes more smooth.

The nail Enamels stays put without chipping or flaking for atleast 5 days which is pretty awesome for a budget Nail Polish. Like most glitter Nail POlishes, it might seems a little time consuming to take it off the nails.

Overall, I have to admit that the Glitterati Range gets a 100% score from me, especially because of the fast drying time and long-staying ability. The Shade Icy Cool is simply stunning on the nails and a must have for the upcoming party season.


  1. Lovely review. Agreed with each and every point. Looks pretty on your nails. I have one peachy sort of color. Though it takes time to remove, it gets off faster than maybelline ones on me. :)

    1. I agree Swathi...This one looks more gorgeous in person..I have another peachy-pink glitter shade that I will review soon..The Glitterati Range is my favorite of the lot :)

  2. Wonderful review.. A complete overview of the product..amazing shades..!


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