November 19, 2014

NewU Nail Enamels #65 Transparent, #103 Bubble Blue , #125 Purple Sheen

NewU Nail Enamels , Rs 50/ 5 ml for Everyday Chemistry Range and Rs 75/5 ml for Mirror Metallic Range, available across NewU Stores across India
Hi Everyone,

I'm back with yet another post on my favorite brand for budget Nail Polishes. Today, I'm reviewing three shades from the new range, two of which are from the Everyday Chemistry range (#65 Transparent, #125 Purple Sheen ), and one is from the Mirror Metallic Range (#103 Bubble Blue).

#103 Bubble Blue is a metallic sky blue shade which goes opaque in a single coat. It dries very fast and you don't need much of waiting time between coats. There is a slight streakiness in the formula that shows when you look closely at your nails. This is the shade I was not very excited to try initially because I expected it to be frosty in finish, however, I am so glad that I tried this shade because it looks so good on camera. The true metallic sheen makes it look like you have foiled nails especially in low light pictures.

#125 Purple Sheen  is creamy mauve purple with fine shine , just like what I prefer for my nails. However, there is no sheen as the name suggests. This shade applies opaque in two coats and there is no streakiness, or any bubbling or pooling issues with this.

#65 Transparent is a plain transparent color that can be used as either a top coat/base coat or just to add a polished look to your bare nails. Used as a top coat, it does add a lot of smoothness and shine to the color on your nails and also enhances the longevity of color.

NewU Nail Enamels stay on for good 3-4 days without any chip on my nails, the Mirror Metallic and Glitterati have a longer stay of around 5-6 days as compared to the Everyday Chemistry range and Party Poppers. I especially recommend you all to try the Mirror Metallic Range and Glitterati Range as they have some really amazing shades out there.

I recommend!!


  1. Such pretty shades di.. being a nail art lover I like each n every nail enamel existing on this earth Hehehee

    1. lol...But I must admit I just adore the Metallic Blue..It is indeed very fashionable ;)

  2. All are so pretty. Need to try something from Mirror metallic range ...

  3. superb review.. A complete overview of the product..incredible shades..!


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