December 24, 2014

New Shoes : Lara Karen Ankle Length Camel Boots

I clicked on the “Order now” button on the Jabong Checkout Page and thought to myself….What a darn thing I had done .. But the damage had already been done…Something that I had swore I’d never do..I broke a promise I had made to myself… I bought BOOTS!! …and I wasn’t even looking for them…
 (I always found Boots to be too funny  :/, but this year, it became more of a utility issue for me, so I gave in…)

So ya, the bottom-line is I bought my first pair of boots, from on a cold Sunday Morning, and had those delivered by noon next day i.e. Monday. From the second I received my order confirmation messages and mails, I had grown skeptical about how long would they take to reach me(the mail said 9-10 days due to heavy rush on the delivery systems because of the sales !), but I am very pleased and satisfied with the prompt Jabong Delivery services.

The shoes are by a brand called Lara Karen and were marked at a price of Rs 2100 but are currently available on discount for Rs 1539 and you can also get some additional discounts when Jabong has some promotion going on.
These are a pretty basic pair that I got. It has a flat heel with no fancy add ons and they only reach until the upper part of ankles which I think is a good height for boots for someone as short as me. These go well with Denims and cropped jackets and I have a hunch that these would look good with a short and flared summer dress too.
I got these for somewhere around Rs 1200 and I think that it’s a great deal because first, the make is really strong and sturdy. The sole material also looks durable and these shoes are really comfortable. Second, I only wanted to check how funny (or not!) I would look in these so probably next time I can invest in a more stylish pair.

These days, I'm wearing these shoes as my everyday go-to pair. Lara Karen has a wide range of styles and colors available in their Boots section so if you want you can take a look.

P.S.: The opinions expressed in this post are my own. This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with the brand or the website in reference here.

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  1. Another great pick.. especially for the north weather..! Super stuff...


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