December 23, 2014

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream : Review

It’s the Holiday season..Its cold and chilly and there is beautiful lighting to be seen everywhere. ..The marketplaces are buzzing with people and activity and delicious aromas of warm coffee and hot chocolates fill up the air.. Its probably the best time to go shopping and one of the stores that I always like enter during Christmas time is the Body Shop simply because the warm aromas of the place coupled with loads of new  winter-y delights on the TBS menu are way too tempting!!!

This holiday season, TBS , along with the Vanilla Brulee and Cranberry fragrance  ranges, launched this new Glazed Apple range, from which I picked up the Glazed Apple Hand Cream(Rs 495/30ml) among a few other goodies in my basket.  If the delightful sweet scent of apples excites, this hand is for you!!

Winters are especially harsh on my hands and it is during this season that I’m never without a hand cream tube or two around me. This one is a refreshing change from all of the ones I've owned before and probably one of my favorites too!!

The hand cream comes in a metallic tube (the #1 yay factor!!), which is hygienic , and fuss free to use. And not to forget, it is easy to carry around in your bag too.The texture is thin and light, and the scent is really strong when freshly applied, but within a minute or two and as you rub it through your palms, the scent mellows down to a sweet fruity and fresh scent . The hand cream takes a while to get absorbed but the end effect is soft and supple hand minus any greasy effect even of the slightest degree (especially beneficial if you carry it to work!)

I had great experience with this hand cream and no wonder it has made a permanent place in my handbag, delicious scent along with the non-greasy hydration makes this an amazing product for hand care during the day or at work. My only complaint would be that first it is a limited edition fragrance range and second, it is a metal tube (I’d actually prefer a soft plastic one any day!).

Totally recommended!!


  1. Man! it smells divine!..Although for my nose its a summery scene <3

    1. That's true Shubha, however, I love using this in winters as well , especially since it's not at all greasy :)

  2. I love hand creams.. gonna yry this one too..

  3. It smells heavenly, it's so addictive I just want to keep smelling it :D

  4. I think I ll buy one too... your gorgeous posts make me want everything! LOL :D


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