February 16, 2015

And I finally had a new Valentine....

You've heard of the SEVEN YEAR ITCH BEFORE....

Warning: Picture heavy post: Don't say I didn't warn you ;)
But people have become impatient.Timelines are constricting, and instead of the aforementioned seven years, the itch starts well before that time frame. Six months into a relationship, and you start feeling bored, you want a change, you need something more sleek, more functional, something that would make your friends envy you, right?

Ummm...err....no no..its not what you think..I'm talking about a relationship with the phone...did you just think otherwise?? Gah!! moron..

Anyway, talking about the phone, I have had this amazing phone for a while with me now, the #AsusZenFone5 and to tell you the truth, right after the warm fuzziness of my baby's hug every evening after I reach home from work, this comes in a close second. The only thing it would ever ask of you is some battery charge every once in a while. The phone is a companion, giving you back so much more than what you had ever asked for. IT IS Unconditional Love after all!
Picture taken with #MyAsusZenFone5
So this year, on Valentine's Day, I went for a switch...Took #MyAsusZenFone5 in my hand, and went for a picnic to the much acclaimed Surajkund Crafts Mela with an intention of spending some "Quality Time" with my new found love.
Some noteworthy things that made the AsusZenFone win over my heart in a matter of a few weeks..

  1. As a blogger, I always want to stay connected , and there's no better way than doing it through the many popular social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. No matter how many applications you use at one time, this phone seems to run super fast without any lags..
  2. There are times, and I won't lie, that I use the phone with dirty, sometime slimy hands, like taking a call in between a meal, or just checking some messages with freshly applied hand cream, and once in a while with gloves on too, yet the highly responsive touch never disappoints me. 
  3. The Corning 3 Gorilla Glass is tough as hell..It has survived a few freak accidents (If you have a phone that is bigger than what your pocket can fit, you'd know what I mean!!)
  4. And a phone with a great camera , is the biggest asset a beauty blogger can carry around..Don't believe me?? Just check out the images below ..
  5. LOOKS, LOOKS and good LOOKS ! Enough said ;)
In addition to all of what I stated above, I love carry around this sleek and chic gadget everywhere I go because it simply makes my life easier. The android market has a host of free apps that any blogger would love and the 5 inch crisp display makes blogging on the mobile way easier than what I could have ever imagined. 

It was almost sunset, and while walking with the #AsusZenFone5 in my hand, and taking lovely pictures all through the way, I realised life could be so much simpler if only we'd put money in the right places. I have had more expensive phones with me , but the functionality and usage I get out of this comparatively fair priced device is not what I can get out of my other phone..So well, we do have a winner here..

Its Unconditional Love!

Picture taken with #MyAsusZenFone5

Some shopping: Picture taken with #MyAsusZenFone5

Picture taken with #MyAsusZenFone5

Picture taken with #MyAsusZenFone5

Picture taken with #MyAsusZenFone5

Lovely Flowers at The Surajkund Crafts Mela, 2015 : Pic taken with DEPTH of FIELD option in #MyAsusZenFone5
Isn't this a masterpiece?? I'm so in love with this image, no filters, no editing..Super impressed :)
Yummy Choley Bhature , picture taken with the #MyAsusZenFone5

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* This post is brought to you in association with +ASUS India 


  1. Awesome clicks Agni..hard to imagine they are mobile clicks!

    1. True that Aditi. The camera was seriously fantastic. Nagging hubby to buy me one of these now ;)


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