March 31, 2015

Weekend makeup HAUL!!

Hey everyone,

Today I'll sharing some pictures of my weekend haul. I was out for a party with some friends last Sunday, and post lunch, the ladies decided to go for some shopping leaving behind the men with their beer. It was a relaxed afternoon and while checking out some other stuff, I spotted a MAC and without a ray of hope, went about asking for a Retro Matte shade I'd been wanting for long. Imagine my ecstasy when the SA informed me that ALL FIRED UP was IN STOCK. I quickly picked up one and walked out of the store feeling utterly delighted at my luck. Btw, MAC lipsticks are now Rs 1450 and though, I wasn't quite happy with the price hike, I know in my heart MAC Lipsticks are worth every single penny you pay for them ;)

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick All Fired Up , Indian Makeup Blog, Haul

My next stop was at Sephora since I wanted another shade from The STILA Stay all Day liquid lipstick (Read my review on the gorgeous shade called FIERY HERE ) . However, all but only a nude one was available and I was quite disappointed. Also, The staff at Sephora in DLF Promenade in Vasant Kunj is quite snobbish. I like the staff at Sephora in Ambience and I wont be going to the Promenade one again ! Hmph!! 
Anyway, I picked up my much needed The Face Shop Very Me Design My Eyebrow filler pencil in the shade #02 Dark Brown (my third, so you can imagine my love for these. You can read my review HERE ). The price has been hiked from Rs 300 to Rs 325 now :/

The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow , Indian Makeup Blog, Haul
Finally, I was browsing through Marks and Spencer while my friend shopped around the store and that's when I spotted the Beauty Section. Wasn't sure of what to buy and finally settled for EASTERN ESCAPE Cherry Blossom Hand and Nail Cream (Rs 399) and the TRUE RED EDT (Rs 399). Let's see how they fare!!

Marks and Spencer, Eastern Escape Hand Cream, True Red EDT, Indian Makeup Blog, Haul
And I just wanted to show you guys the goodies I received as a part of the Media Kit at #HappySummer Event by The Body Shop last Friday. Its the *Moringa Body Sorbet and *Vit E Aqua Boost Sorbet. The Moringa one has a lovely scent and it's my first Moringa scented Product from The Body Shop. Waiting to experiment with these two lovely looking summery products!
The Body Shop, Sorbet, Vit E, Moringa, Indian Makeup Blog
Hope you liked my haul.
Have a great week all!


  1. Nice haul. Like the lipstick.

    1. That sure is one gorgeous lipstick..Thanks :)

  2. seems like a good collection. the red looks enticing :-)

  3. That mac lipstick is fabulous! I have to own it


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