April 24, 2015

First Day in Office: Formal wear

You wake up with a  startle…It’s the phone ringing..blurry eyed, half sleepy .. the afternoon siesta had been interrupted .. But wait a minute, that looks like a number you have seen before..

You answer the call with a husky “hello”..

And the next few minutes leave you dazed and numbed with happiness..

Finally, you have landed up with your dream job..you've waited for this day for years.. you have exactly 5 days before you join. Once the euphoria starts settling down, you start planning for your first day at work..

Documents: Check

Travel arrangements: Done

Visit the salon: Appointment taken (you sure need to look groomed for your big day!)

What to wear? : Oh! Wait… you haven’t even thought about it..

You suddenly find yourself stranded. Your previous workplace had a casual kind of work culture and it never occurred that when you land up where you have now, your wardrobe would need a drastic makeover, or let’s just say metamorphosis of a kind.

Planning your outfit for the first day at work is a magnanimous task in itself. Different organizations have different work cultures and therefore what you choose to wear to work should first and foremost have the ability to seamlessly blend with the workplace culture.

A popular choice, and that could never go wrong would be to get dressed in Formal Wear. A pair of crisp and clean trousers in a deep navy or black color and a collared full sleeve shirt in soft shades of blue or white is a combination that is destined to never get old or boring. It is the safest option for a man ever!!

And of course you must have a great pair of black lace tie up shoes to go with your shirt and trousers, without which your whole look will be spoilt. Well polished and clean shoes are one area a man mustn't ever ignore.

And here are a few pointers that you MUST AVOID under all circumstances when dressing up for work:
1.       Prints (large, loud, funny, cartoons are a strict no-no!)
2.       Bright Colors (the choice of colors should be soft, gentle and soothing; NEONS are not for work, remember that!)
3.       T-shirts and shorts (yea, we know boys love their superman tees, but just so you know, your mission is not to fight ZOD but prove your worth at work)

So now that you know the dos and don’ts of Formal Wear, go ahead and let your work and personality shine through amongst your peers!


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