April 5, 2015

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick ALL FIRED UP : Review

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick ALL FIRED UP , Rs 1450/3 g

My love for Ruby Woo and its one-of-a-kind texture has led me towards an ever growing fetish for the Retro Matte Range by MAC. These lipsticks are , believe me you , like NO OTHER. The texture, finish, formula all have all won me over completely and after an astounding tryst with Ruby Woo and Flat Out Fabulous(Reviewed HERE), I have now ended up getting another of these formula, the Retro Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up (and that leaves me with a desire to get the last one I'm bewitched with, The Retro Matte in Fixed on Drama and that would be the end of my lust story until there are more Retro Matte shades launched by MAC)

Well, anyway, so the thing is the Retro Mattes have the standard Black bullet packaging and the signature vanilla scent of all MAC Lipsticks.

The texture is a little stiff and dry , but not as much that it would tug on your lips. Especially if your lips have been well prepped this would just glide on. But with time, this lipstick definitely tends to make your lips dry. 

The pigmentation is amazing, the color is rich and intense. You get sufficient color in one swipe to cover lip pigmentation of all kinds. 

All Fired Up easily lasts for 7-8 hours and more on me. Of course, if you have a meal in between, there's a need for a touch, especially if it is an oily meal.

Overall, I can't rave enough about the Retro Matte Formula in general and the bright Fuchsia that All Fired Up is. A must have shade for any lipstick lover!


  1. It's a lovely colour and I also love MAC's Retro Matte lipsticks. :) Oh and I think you got confused. Fixed on drama was actually limited edition i think and the last one remaining for your collection is Relentlessly Red which is my favourite lipstick from this collection. :)

    1. Hi Madhur, hi5 on sharing the love about retro mattes..Fixed on Drama was released in the Retro Matte collection , of which Relentlessly Red was also a part.and it is still unclear as to which ones were limited and which ones were permanent..
      I know many people like Relentlessly Red a lot, but honestly, my sister has Relentlessly Red which I wore for a day but wasn't quite impressed..It was way too powdery as compared to the other retro mattes..I loved my Ruby Woo, and Flat Out Fabulous and now All Fired up joins the league too..

  2. I love this one! I have Ruby woo :D

  3. I love MAC, all of the shades they have are fabulous but this is one of my favourite. Loved you pics and makeup..so gorgeous it is!! <3


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