April 28, 2015

Take the Best Selfies with Zenfone 2

Being a Beauty Blogger comes with its own set of responsibilities!

Apart from writing reviews, another cord that connects us with our readers is that of sharing our everyday makeup looks via all kinds of imaginable social networking sites. And since carrying a camera around all the time is not really a viable option, it all boils down to having a phone with some great photography functions, especially that of taking selfies!

We take selfies on all kinds of days, occasions and places. At work, at leisure; while travelling and on a holiday, at a beach party with friends or in a crowded shopping mall, there’s no dearth of opportunities for a selfie addict.

I have often been asked hoards of questions about taking selfies, how to get the best shots, and how to take selfies when in a lowly lit area/indoors like a club or like a moonlight selfie, what apps to use for editing pictures and what to do in a situation when your group of friends is too large to be accommodated in a single picture. Honestly speaking, I myself have been struggling to get some of these selfies perfectly, but now it looks like we might be able to master “ The Art Of Taking Selfies” with the new gadget in town, The Asus Zenfone2.

A few days back, I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of the “Drop Dead” Gorgeously sleek looking Zenfone2 in a star studded event here in Gurgaon, India. I have been secretly dreaming of getting my hands on this phone ever since and I will tell you why.           

The Zenfone 2 has a 4GB RAM which is much higher than most mobile phones in the market, and even if they fall in the vicinity, the price bracket has a huge difference. Now what a RAM as high as 4GB does is it makes switching between tasks super easy. So, say for example if you are interrupted between your photo-ops with a call, going back to the app will be super fast and wouldn’t take the extra few seconds of loading time that may seem gigantic in case you want to capture an important click.

The PizelMaster Camera , coupled with HDR facility with enable people to capture their best moments despite low light conditions and the Pixel enhancing feature would cover up for brightness and contrast.

The front camera, the camera that we Beauty Bloggers could actually call our lifeline offers to take wide angle shots up to 85 degrees and it can accommodate more people than you think. At the Bloggers’ event that I previously mentioned we saw the actual demonstration of this feature and believe me you when I say you’d not want to miss anyone in your group when taking a selfie, no matter how large is the group.

The phone is probably the best in class mainly because of its performance vs price ratio and it promises to deliver better than the best available in the market.

Taking the best selfies could never be easier, thanks to the Asus Zenfone2.

I can’t wait for this to come to the market. Are you as excited too?

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  1. Nice article...I hav still not mastered d art of takin selfies :)



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