May 16, 2015

A Summery Makeup Haul feat. new releases by Za and Maybelline

Hi Everyone,
North Indian Summers can be hard and trying and with temperatures going up as high as 45 degrees Celsius . The weather is super hot and dry and the plushest of skins go through dry phases at times. I am quite glad that Za by Shiseido understood this need and launched a new line called Total Hydration which is supposed to soothe summer skin woes and it is NOT only for women with dry skin but a wide variety of other skin types as well. If you follow me on Instagram (@Agnibanya), you must have seen me post a picture of the range that I spotted last week at my nearest H & B Stores Ltd. in Galleria Market, Gurgaon.
The Pink packaging was attractive to draw me to exploring the range and I took time to go through the product range and understand what each product is supposed to do. Finally picked up a Facial Mist and a Pore Gel from this range and it's been a week that I'm using both and I have to tell you that for the first time , I'm enjoying products by Za. I had a bad experience with the Collagen Cream (Reviewed HERE) but finally my faith is restored in the brand especially because of the Pore gel. Would surely post a detailed review on that one very soon since it is such a hit with me
Za Total Hydration Energy Mist : Rs 549
Za Total Hydration Pore Care Essence : Rs 449

Next up, I went over to the makeup counters and picked up a shade called New York Scene from the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Range. This was the shade I wanted when these stains were first launched in the US but when the line was released in India, this was not a part. It was recently introduced and I knew I just had to pick this one up. Moreover, it had been long that I had bought any lip product so ...

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain New York Apple : Rs 725

And then there were these beautiful Go Graffiti Nail Polishes by Mauybelline that I have been desperately looking for at every beauty store in Gurgaon but none seemed to have stocked up on them. I tell you, the beauty scene over here in Gurgaon is just too bad, new launches take ages to reach this so called millenium city..

Anyway , Out of the 9 shades that have been launched here, I got 6. The sales girl was looking at me in a weird sort of way but its okay. When it comes to makeup, we are eccentric and we know that. Don't we?

Btw, the nail polishes are just so cool and I am having a hard time resisting a mani change every evening. My favorite is Unmellow yellow with black hexes, in two sizes and fluorescent yellow with fine black dust in a transparent base. I wore it over a white base the other day and every girl at work kept asking me what was that I wore on my nails. Chic!!

Following are the six shades that I got , (Rs 145 each)
801 Flower power
802 Star Struck
806 Blueberry Bombshell
807 Blue Beats
808 Red Splatter
809 Unmellow Yellow

And lastly, if I am at NewU, a few pieces from their chic jewelry collection always makes way into my shopping basket.

Hope you liked my haul. I am quite excited about the Graffiti Nail Polishes, have you tried them yet? What are your favorites from the line?

P.S.: The vibrant envelope clutch in Orange and Pink is a GWP I got that day..That just makes me a little more happy :)


  1. Agnibanya, I not only love your haul, but love the clean and sharp images.

    1. Hey..Thanks for the lovely comment Nivedita :)

  2. Love that you are all set for summer..

    1. hehe..ya..well, you may say so..I only need a couple of repurchases to be all set completely ;)


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