June 1, 2015

Faces Glam On Lipstick 06 Addicted : Review/FOTD

FACES Glam On Lipstick 06 Addicted , Rs 549/ 3.5 g
Hi Everyone,

FACES recently revamped their old line of Glam On lipsticks for a whole new set of colors and a new packaging. The range was officially introduced to bloggers on the occasion of Mother's Day about which I blogged over HERE.

I was given two shades to try from the range, the first one of which, Fuchsia Love is already reviewed HEREI am reviewing today. Today, I will be reviewing yet another pretty shade from the line called ADDICTED.

The new FACES Glam On Lipsticks come packaged in a transparent tube with the color showing through the top of the cap. There is also a shade indicator label at the bottom , so whether you keep the lipstick upside down or vice versa, it is easy to locate amongst a whole lot of other lip colors that you may have. The cap closes with a click and is firm and sturdy so you can totally rule out the idea of ugly handbag lipstick mishaps.

The shade Addicted is a lovely Orange-Red , the Orange tones truly come to life in bright light. Honestly, this is one shade that was love at first sight since I'm so fond of Reds.

The texture of Faces Glam On Lipstick in Fuchsia Love is super ultra smooth and soft. It is soft to the point of being crumbly if i may say so. Too much pressure on the bullet dents the lipcolor and it seems to melt at the contact of the warmth of lips.For the same reason, it is advisable to wear lipliner underneath to prevent the lipstick from feathering as the creamy texture melts in this hot North Indian Weather

Addicted is intensely pigmented and one swipe is all you need to cover your lips, even pigmented areas. The lipcolor has a satin finish to it and it hugs the lips in comfortable cushiony color for all the while that you have it on.

The lipsticks stays on easily for a good 4-5 hours and leaves a bright red stain as it wears off. However, I do have an issue over here. I am slightly allergic to orange pigments in lipsticks and all orange based lipsticks make my lips a little dry and flaky. After a day of wear, I spend another day healing up my flaky and dry lips. But that doesn't stop me from wearing Orange based colors and you all must already know that. 

OverallThe Faces Glam On Lipstick in Addicted is a gorgeous Orange Red that has delivers intense and rich color on your lips in a single swipe. The lipstick is super creamy and does have a tendency to bleed, but a lip liner sorts the issue with me. If you too are allergic to  Orange pigments in lipsticks, you might want to stay away from this particular shade but other than that this is a great lipstick to wear during warm summer evening parties, especially if you are indoors in an air conditioned environment

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  1. Hey, The color looks so good on you..!! I'm yet to try faces lipsticks...maybe I'll give them a go soon...You got me so convinced I need these in my life right now :P
    Great Review..!!

    1. Glad you liked it Ramya..The new range of Faces Glam On Lipsticks are so cool..must try atleast a few :)

  2. This is SO good :-o Looks lovely on you ^_^ I am getting this!

    1. Thanks Aparajita..This is a great shade for summers, I'm sure you'll like it :)

  3. Such a beautiful shade, looks great on you <3 Perfect for summers!


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