June 25, 2015

Fragrances by Marks and Spencer - TRUE RED , BOHEMIA , BIRDS OF PARADISE : Review

TRUE RED EDT,10 ml : Rs 399
BOHEMIA EDT, 25 ml : Rs 499
BIRDS of PARADISE EDT, 30 ml : Rs899, available across M&S Retail Outlets.

 Hi Everyone,
Of late, I've been smitten by perfumes by Marks and Spencer and all of this started when I had first ventured into the beauty section at M&S with a friend a couple of months ago. I came out with a small purse concentrate of the TRUE RED EDT and the Eastern Escape Hand Cream, and now I find reasons to be around a store just so I could check out their scents all over again!! hmm...fragrance heaven it is!!
(P.S.: More so since every time I've worn one of their perfumes I've had people coming over to ask me what was I wearing! )

Anyway, my today's post is about a quick review of three scents from M&S beauty , and two of these are supposedly limited edition (So what if I have been seeing them in store for the last so many months ;) !)


Step up the intensity with this racy number. Zingy pineapple and intense orange top notes give a lively spark. Aromatic sage and rich heady jasmine accords swirl together in this rich chypre heart. Intense musk and earthy patchouli aromas give ultimate sophistication to this 'new' classic.

Okay, so this is from where it all started! Oh dear, I can't even begin to describe the scent. when you first spray it, it's strong and heady with the top notes of orange and pineapple giving your olfactory senses a burst of freshness! The scent mellows down to middle notes of jasmine and sage and finally settles down to a warm base note of musk and patchouli. True Red stays on and on, and I put it on while leaving for work and even after coming back and taking a shower, I can still smell the soft warm scents at bedtime. The sillage is commendable. Perfect for a date night
Soft, seductive and classy!


An eclectic fragrant blend of lemon, blueberry and bergamot with floral heart and notes of lily of the valley, mimosa and gardenia drying down to warm aromas of cedar-wood, amber and vanilla.
The reason I chose Bohemia in the first place was because of the colorful packaging, but over the past few weeks, I've grown to admire how wonderfully lively and youthful this scent is. While True Red symbolizes sophistication for me, Bohemia screams vibrancy and cheerfulness of summers for me. The fruity top notes of lemon, bergamot and blueberry embrace you with the freshness of youth, and the floral middle notes of lily, mimosa and gardenia add that feminine touch and finally it settles down to a base of cedar-wood, amber and vanilla enwrapping you in their magical mushiness. The scent is something every woman would love and I can't really point out a reason why not to love this gentle sweet scent, which by the way stays for the whole day and more...
Divinely sweet floral fruity accords for the girl in you!


This tropical fragrance is a journey for your senses, a lush floral scent combined with a fruity touch of peach and a green spark of jungle ivy.

And so, one of my friends loved Bohemia on me and he wanted to buy one for his girl, so we ended up going to M&S once again and while he was busy choosing a scent for his lady, I tested a couple of more and came home with Birds of Paradise. You might wanna know why? Because I haven't yet encountered a scent that is so soft, and light and just so summer perfect. I bought the scent mainly because I really loved how slowly it engulfed my senses and wasn't as hard hitting like the previous two. None the less, this is just as long lasting as the other two, a floral fruity scent but with a hint of green freshness of jungle. As soon as I got the first hint of the scent, I was transported to a tropical island, having a fruit platter on a hammock and relaxing in the calm sounds of the sea and birds!! Oh well, that's probably taking it a bit too far, but seriously, I was ALMOST THERE!! 

Delicately feminine with a peachy twist!

And some more of clickety-clicks :)


  1. I love True Red and Bohemia too! Also Ruby Elixir and Gabriella. Felt Bird of Paradise a bit too sweet. And yes, amazing value for money. And perfect for travel too :)

    1. True Red is simply amazing and this time I'm going to get a bigger version of it.. Hi5 on that Dollie :)

  2. Well on time..n u know it..Bohemia on my mind :D

  3. Bohemia sounds amazing .. would love to try it :)


    1. It is truly mesmerizing Rajshree... girly and fresh.. :)

  4. I am sniffing all of them on my next trip to M&S :D

    1. That's great..Let me know what appeals the most to you :)

  5. Agni these look really good. I am a sucker for peachy scents. I find them just perfect for summers. I am so going to buy these now. Thank you for the review.


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