June 2, 2015

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick- Impressive (Review and swatch)

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Impressive , Rs 1450/3.6 g

The MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks come in a Cylindrical Black shiny plastic packaging with a flat top lipstick bullet inside. The packaging is unlike the standard MAC lipsticks, however it still looks classy and chic. 

The flattened bullet top is a little let down for me since I prefer my lipsticks with pointy tops that make reaching lip corners easier. With the flat top lipstick bullet like this one, the effort is slightly more than what one would require otherwise.

Impressive is a described by MAC as neutral gilded plum. To me it is a beautiful earthy plum with modest dose of brown. The shade goes very well with my medium skin and it has the right amount of cool tones to balance the warmth of my complexion. This is perhaps the closest I can get to a neutral lipstick and also Impressive is my most used lipstick when pairing it up with smokey eyes makeup.

The lipstick has a commendable texture and I can’t rave enough about it. The textures of MAC lipsticks are something that makes me keep going back. Impressive has an incredibly creamy texture that almost melts as it comes in contact with your lips. However, it is not exactly crumbly and infact quite firm in the bullet despite me carrying it around in extreme temperatures of this North Indian summers.

The color has medium pigmentation and a super glossy wet finish. Lips look sumptuous and juicy with a coat of color from this lipstick which at no point in time is uneven.

You would think that such a creamy lipstick wouldn’t stay? Oh! Even I thought the same, but Impressive sure stays for 3-4 hours on my lips without meals or snacks in between. Also, despite being such a creamy lipstick neither does it settle down in fine lip lines nor does it feather.

Delightful cushiony cover of color that softly hugs the lips with lightweight and non-sticky color and makes them soft and supple with its moisturizing properties, ladies that is the MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in Impressive for you.

Overall, if you crave for hi-shine finish with the color of a lipstick, the Sheen Supreme range is a must try for you. I can’t recommend it enough with its texture, finish and feel on lips, it is perhaps one of the best lipsticks in my vanity. 



  1. Mac is definitely my favourite, specially when it comes to lippies!! This shade look outstanding on you and what to say about makeup..its totally wow. Loved all the pics <3

    1. Thanks a ton Ritcha ..Impressive is absolutely a delight to wear :)

  2. Wow this color looks sooooo natural on you...Love it :)


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