July 21, 2015

Faces Glam On Color Perfect Eyeshadow #02FASCINATE : Review

 Faces Glam On Color Perfect Eyeshadow #02FASCINATE ,Rs 599 / 6g

Faces Cosmetics recently launched the Glam On Color Perfect Eyeshadow in a choice of 4 palettes with various color combinations, ranging from darkest smokey one to a fresh summer day. Today I would be reviewing the palette #02FASCINATE .

The FACES Glam On Eyeshadow comes in a small and portable palette housing four different eyeshadows and a small applicator. The applicator has a sponge tip on one side and a small brush on the other. For the first time I’m actually glad that there’s a applicator in the palette since the brush is small and soft, albeit a little too tiny, but nonetheless will work well in case of a makeup emergency! The palette also has a small mirror inside, which Faces could have done without as well, but nonetheless, works well in case your makeup needs a touch up.

Fascinate is a palette that has 4 bright and summery shades, a teal blue, a soft pink , a deeper plumy pink and a vibrant orange(my favorite!), perfect to create a romantic and dreamy makeup look . All the shades have soft pearlescent sheen. The texture of these eye-shadows is soft and smooth, without being crumbly. The eyeshadows are medium pigmented and need a bit of layering to show up on my dark eyelids. The mid-range pigmentation gives you a lot of control on building up the desired color intensity. The eyeshadows are easy to blend and work with.

The staying power is incredible and in this hot and melting summer, I managed to keep the colors intact (and without fading!) for a whopping 10 hours (including my daily commuting to and from work). I admit I used a primer, but even without one, you can easily get 6+ hours of stay.

Overall, FACES has been fairly consistent in making products suited for Indian Skin tones and Indian weather and the Glam On Eyeshadow in FASCINATE is yet another hit from the brand. The Price vs Quality balance has been delicately maintained and that is something I’m really happy to confess. Unlike many drugstore brands that keep hiking the prices without changing much on the quality front, FACES has a strong foothold in product innovation front and that is probably the reason of its eminence in drugstore makeup category. If you’re a young girl looking for a versatile/everyday eyeshadow palette in a budget, FASCINATE is a must buy. The soft sheen of the vibrant colors add charm and youthfulness to the eyes without overpowering your innocence.

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