August 22, 2015

A rendezvous with reality- Why I am not chopping off my tresses!

Well so, I did finally change my hairstyle! It’s nothing major though, but some front bangs to frame my face. The length, I dare not touch because I’m finally set at a point where the hair fall has reduced and my tresses feel softer, smoother and more look more luscious than they were a few months back. I had been contemplating a haircut too, but not anymore.

I can imagine the dilemma of many women who sacrifice their tresses for a shorter style just so they could escape the hair damage caused my numerous elements. We hear all kinds of excuses, “ I don’t have time to style them”, “My kids are young”, “Long hair don’t match my personality” many of them..

While honestly, the reason why most women take that plunge is because they can’t deal with the damage their hair goes through everyday due to hectic lifestyles and erratic schedules and not to forget environmental agents that take away the healthy bounce. The plight of seeing a bunch on your hairbrush, or after a shower, the frizz in monsoons, the split ends that take away the shine from your hair, sometimes it gets a bit too unbearable.

For me Dabur Vatika Coconut hair oil with Amla, Henna and Lemon has really worked well. While Amla strengthens the roots, Henna provides conditioning and lemon addresses scalp issues like dandruff and all this along with the goodness of Coconut oil helps in improving the overall quality of hair so you don’t have to cut off your beloved tresses.

So stop giving those excuses and pick up the magic potion that can change the way your hair looks every day..


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