August 12, 2015

Office Makeup in 8 minutes: As simple as it can get!

Hi all,

Getting dressed for work during the morning rush hours can be really daunting at times. But that should never stop you from putting on a little makeup and learn a few tricks that can make you look all fresh and awake for the hectic work day ahead.

Today's makeup look is one of my rushed makeup looks that I did in about 7-8 minutes flat. Wanna know how: Read on..

  1. Moisturize and apply a face primer (1 min): I am using the Innisfree Soybean essence as moisturizer and the Mineral primer these days (wait up for the full reviews of these incredible products!

  2. Foundation/ BB Cream (2 mins): I applied the Estee Lauder Stay in Place Double Wear makeup and blended it using fingers.Never rush blending the foundation. It is of utmost importance, to save on time use your fingers instead of a brush.

  3. Blush (1 min) :Use a cheek tint instead of the powder or cream blush, these are far easier to apply and blend. I used the Face Shop Aqua Tint

  4. Groom Eyebrows, apply eyeliner, mascara (3 mins):Well! I have been doing this every single day so I have a smooth hand at it, but if you are not that comfortable with a liquid liner, use a smoky kajal/colored kohl and smoke out the uneven edges . and don't forget to apply a quick coat or two of mascara. Used the Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Eyebrow pencil, L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer liner, ran a green kohl by Chambor over it, used the maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

  5. Lipstick (2 mins): Line and fill with the same lip pencil, or use a bright lipstick to brighten up your face, Wearing Deeply Adored by MAC from the Marilyn Monroe Collection in the pictures here.

And Ta-da, you're ready to leave!!


  1. WOW! So simple and yet to elegant. Loved this makeup look Agnibanya :-)

  2. you look simply lovely.. even I love to do simple makeup while I going to work rather than a full routine :)

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  3. Thanks dear..My makeup varies from zero makeup to full fledged smokey, so I can't really say I am a simple makeup person, but yes, on super busy days, a colored liner and bright lipstick works great ;)


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