December 23, 2015

TooYoo- Spa and Salon Services at the comfort of your home

No matter how tired and phased out I feel at the end of the day or the end of every working week, a trip to the spa is something that I love to indulge in. However, the thing with Delhi/NCR is, the traffic is mostly atrocious and whatever relaxation any spa offers, half of the effort is taken back as soon as you sit in the car for a ride back home.

To take away all of that extra drama away from your life, TooYoo, an On-Demand beauty and spa from Tattva Spa offers to bring you the much desired spa and salon services to your doorstep and when I was approached by the brand o try some of their services, it was hard to say no.

To begin with, I had been having very stressful days at work for the past few months and to top it all, the continuous sitting in front of the computer made my back and neck crave for some attention and loads of pampering. So instead of the regular beauty services on the menu, I decided to opt for a Deep Tissue massage for myself, and to try one of their beauty service, I asked my mom to try the Hibiscus Pedicure on my behalf.

I honestly appreciate punctuality above everything else and I was pleasantly surprised to have the therapist turn up 20 mins prior to the scheduled time with 3 large bags full of products and necessary equipment, including a spa table. The therapist was neatly dressed in her uniform and carried her identification with her.

The therapist set up the spa table and added some spa-like d├ęcor inside the room, burnt the characteristic lemongrass aroma oil, and played on soothing music that would continue for the entire duration of the therapy. I was given a pair of disposable undergarments to change into, and once the door was closed and the curtains let down, it didn’t for once seem like I was at home. The ambiance could’ve been easily mistaken for an actual spa and the therapist ensured I was cosy and comfortable on the spa bed and ensured that the pressure was perfect and comfortable enough for me.

The therapy started exactly at the designated time and for the next 60 mins I went to a state of peace and tranquillity and as the session progressed, my mind seemed to start de-cluttering. No kidding here, and I really had not been able to concentrate on some major things on the personal front and that spa session took my mind away from work and focus on other things that needed my attention. The therapist surely was well trained and professional and her technique was on point. At the end of the session, she literally had to wake me up to say that it was over. Oh, how I wished it would last another hour though.

After the massage ended, the therapist was swift enough to clear the space and set up the place for the pedicure session. Lasting for about 40 mins, the pedicure was something my mom thoroughly enjoyed as she is more of a non-spa/salon type of person and this hibiscus pedicure through the trained hands of the therapist made her tired feet feel so much better.

I would thoroughly recommend trying out services by TooYoo for their professionalism and value for money proposition, and the excellent services that you can enjoy without stepping out of the comfortable premises of our home.

For more details and the service menu, you can check out the website HERE.

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  1. This sounds great for all working women and mom's and after all everybody loves to get pampered!! :)


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