May 23, 2016

Importance of right growth & Catching Up On Lost Growth! - The IndiBlogger #CatchUpOnGrowth Event

Importance of right growth & Catching Up On Lost Growth! - The IndiBlogger #CatchUpOnGrowth Event

Hi Everyone,

Today's blog post is totally on an offbeat topic, a subject that is close to my heart and yet I rarely talk about it for the fear of being judged or called prejudiced. But I want to talk about it. Why? Simply because I chose to dedicate one of my precious Sundays to attend an event organised by Horlicks India (a pioneer in creating nutritional and dietary supplements for kids and adults!) and facilitated by our very own IndiBlogger team, The IndiBlogger #CathchUpOnGrowth Event, on the 15th of May at The Lalit,New Delhi.

Parenting, or for that matter, motherhood, is a daunting task I tell you...I had my own set of fears and inhibitions when I was expecting, post delivery the subject changed yet the fears and anxiety about right food and nutrition always remained a cause of concern. As the child grows, and their nutritional requirements change with their activities, schedules and preferences, following the right nutritional schedule only becomes an uphill task. It is therefore extremely important for parents to know what food items constitute the right kind of nutrition for their child. It is also extremely important to keep an eye open for the symptoms that might indicate nutritional deficiencies in kids in their growing years.

Being a mother to a skinny boy who is also a very fussy eater, I have practically undergone every imaginable anxiety that a mother should supposedly have. When every person that you meet on the road comments on how lean your boy is to being scared about travelling with the kid because he might just refuse to eat the food available, I have almost faced it all. Though I am almost past that stage, except a tantrum or two over a weekend lunch, I still am on a never ending search for the right kind of dietary supplements for the boy.

The #CatchUpOnGrowth Event had started off with a discussion with eminent nutritionists and child psychologists who cleared many myths surrounding the food habits of kids (like why milk is NOT the be-all and end-all of nutrition, and that obesity is also a sign of malnutrition and why instinctual parenting is more often than not the right way of approaching a problem!)

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2048"] The panel of experts talks about right nutrition for growing kids[/caption]

The GSK team for Horlicks then unveiled the Horlicks Growth Plus amid much pomp and show. They also clarified a lot of queries and concerns about the product and took to answering queries from the audience as well.

A tea break followed in between, post which team activities happened and the day ended with bloggers taking away home a jar of the Horlicks Growth Plus.

Especially targeted for kids in the age bracket of 3-9 years who are shorter and/or leaner than their counterparts, the Horlicks Growth Plus promises to fill the nutritional gap that regular meals just might miss to give.

[caption id="attachment_5857" align="aligncenter" width="280"]Importance of right growth & Catching Up On Lost Growth! - The IndiBlogger #CatchUpOnGrowth Event Importance of right growth & Catching Up On Lost Growth! - The IndiBlogger #CatchUpOnGrowth Event[/caption]

Priced at Rs 585/ 400 g and available in two appealing flavours of Vanilla and Chocolate, this product has been created after years of research and testified with clinical trials.

In all, I can safely say I made the right choice in ignoring the scorching sun outside and heading up towards the event following my motherly instinct. It was informative, and yet the IndiBlogger team ensured that we had our share of fun and laughter as well.

As of now, my 6 year old gets to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate flavoured Horlicks twice a day. Fingers crossed!!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2048"] Our activity team at the events![/caption]

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