October 26, 2016

CINTHOL Skin Safe Deo Spray PEP and Deostick in Aura

CINTHOL Skin Safe Deo Spray PEP : Rs 175 for 150 ml, available at Amazon.in

CINTHOL Deostick in Aura : Rs 69 for 40 g, available at Amazon.in

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Hi all,

I am more of a perfume person and not really much into deodorants or anti perspirant sprays or roll ons. The reason is I have always had issues with alcohol content in most of the deos commonly available in the market. I really have sensitive underarms and 99% of the deo sprays that I every tried would make the sensitive skin burn and itch. Also, ever since I got laser hair reduction done for my underarms, I just feel the skin over there is all the more soft and tender and hence I stayed away from deos.

The only deos that I sort of liked were the NIVEA ones that claimed to lighten the underarm areas. However, they all had a weird powdery scent that I could never get used to and hence stopped using them.

Recently, I saw these CINTHOL Deos at a supermarket and the Alcohol-free tag definitely lured me into trying a spray and a stick version of these. Today's review is just about these two deos from the house of CINTHOL by Godrej.

The packaging of the CINTHOL Deo Spray is a orange and pearly white chubby can with a twist-and-spray mechanism. No separate caps and hence less fuss. I like!

I have the CINTHOL Deo Spray in PEP from the women's range. It is a nice warm floral-woody scent. I think I can trace a hint of tuberose and jasmine and maybe some musk. Not quite sure because I couldn't find any information on the notes of this scent. The scent does seem a bit hard hitting just as you spray it, but within a few seconds, subsides into much more mellow tones. The soft fragrance lingers on and on, for atleast 10-12 hours , despite heat , humidity and everything else. Also, it has never irritated my super sensitive underarms or caused any burns/rashes/ itchiness whatsoever. So if I say I love this deo, it isn't only for the gentle lingering scent, but also the no-alcohol formula that is mild for sensitive underarms like mine.

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 Next up, is the CINTHOL DeoStick in AURA. Cinthol claims that the formula in the deosticks are 3 times more long lasting that any other deo out there. The packaging on this one is a simple tube with a cap. The product itself is a creamy deodorant with an emollient formula that spreads easily, sinks into the skin fast and is non-greasy. It also does not stain clothes which was definitely a concern for me considering that its a cream formulation. There are three variants available in this range for women, and I have the one called AURA. The scent on this one is quite refreshing and light. It does remind me of cool sea breeze at a beach. The fragrance is very soft and gentle, and you can hardly sense it coming through. However, it does the job of keeping your underarms odour-free very well. Also, it has never caused any kind of skin irritation on me.

[caption id="attachment_6394" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Godrej CINTHOL Deostick Review CINTHOL DeoStick AURA : Review[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_6391" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Godrej CINTHOL Deostick Review CINTHOL DeoStick AURA : Review[/caption]

Overall, these new deodorants from CINTHOL are a boon for women with sensitive underarms. These are available in many varieties of fragrances and you may pick a one according to your liking. Most supermarkets do have testers available so it's better to buy at a store than online. If you have been struggling to find a long lasting, non-irritating, alcohol free deodorant, then do try one of these Deodorants from CINTHOL. While the spray one is easier to use and carry, the Stick one is a creamy product that some may find a bit fussy to use. Do check out and see which one aligns better to your usage style.

I recommend!

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