December 20, 2016

NOTE Nail Enamels 17 Antique Rouge, 20 Satin Rouge, 39 Antique Copper, 63 Cherry Nice, 69 Dark Navy, 74 Jasmine, Icon 546


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I can't believe I am writing a post after so long, 12 days to be precise. But do believe me when I say I had been really really tied up with the kiddo's exams and a few other things. This post, however, had been in my drafts for quite some time now and today I have finally sat down to compile it. The last few reviews on  the blog have been all about NOTE cosmetics and so you can tell by now how fascinated I am with the brand. The products are really nice and well price for drugstore category in my opinion. Today's post is a quick review on the 7 Nail Enamels that I own from the brand.

Price : Rs 180 / 9 ml, available at Archies Online and Nykaa


74 Jasmine is a pretty warm fuchsia pink shade with hints of purple in the bottle, and has a creamy finish. This one is my least favorite of the lot because it is really hard to get the true color. The formula is quite runny and application is considerably patchy in the first coat and it takes a minimum of 4 coats for an opaque finish. I mean really!! who on earth has the time for that, especially also because it dries quite slowly. Other than that I really like the color, if I succeed in applying 4 coats :| . The finish is satin-creamy and not quite as glossy as I like my nail polishes to be. It does stay for a good 3-4 days without chipping though there is slight fading along the nail edges.

Rating : 2.5/5.

[caption id="attachment_6649" align="aligncenter" width="640"]74-jasmine Note Nail Enamel #74 Jasmine : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]


69 Dark Navy is a beautiful rich dark navy blue shade with a shiny glossy finish. The consistency of this one is medium, neither too runny not too gloopy. The brush is wide and it goes on smooth and streak free on the first coat itself. The polish also dries quite fast and stays on for 3-5 days.

Rating : 4/5

[caption id="attachment_6648" align="aligncenter" width="640"]69-dark-navy Note Nail Enamel #69 Dark Navy : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]


Icon 546 is a gorgeous metallic navy blue with a strong purple shift that is prominent in bright sunlight. The color was quite hard to capture on camera and I really wish I could show you girls that pretty purple shift. The consistency of the polish is medium thick, but not gloopy. It goes opaque in the first coat itself and a second coat just adds more depth to the color. It also dries pretty fast and stays on and on for days without chipping. This is really a very beautiful shade and perhaps my favorite of the lot too. My only complain is somehow with metallic nail polishes, you can see some brush streaks and this one is no exception. See the picture below for reference.

Rating : 4.5/5

[caption id="attachment_6647" align="aligncenter" width="640"]icon-546 Note Nail Enamel #546 : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]


39 Antique Copper is a shiny metallic copper shade that is just so apt for the wedding season. It is definitely shiny but also a great companion for all your ethnic Indian Party Wear. It applied smoothly in the first coat and mostly a second coat is not even needed because it just doesn't do anything extra. The polish stays on an average of 3- days.

Rating : 4/5

[caption id="attachment_6646" align="aligncenter" width="640"]39-antique-copper Note Nail Enamel #39 Antique Copper : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]


63 Cherry Nice is a pretty metallic burgundy plum with pink pearl and a glossy shiny finish. It isn't a unique color by any parameter, but that also mans that it is a shade that everyone will like and wear. I really like the formula on this one, it goes opaque in the first coat and dries pretty fast as well. However, I don't know why but this chips quite easily, maybe within 2 days of wear. I really wish it stayed on longer but alas, that doesn't happen!

Rating : 3.5/5

[caption id="attachment_6645" align="aligncenter" width="640"]63-cherry-nice Note Nail Enamel #63 Cherry Nice : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]


17 Antique Rouge is a gorgeous earthy brown with cream finish. This one needs atleast 3 coats to be opaque. In the swatches below, I have applied 2 coats (for all the shades) and yoou can easily see some bald spots on this one. Besides that, the application is streak free, it dries fast and stays shiny and glossy for 3-5 days. I only wish the shade was more pigmented to be opaque in 2 coats. It is the perfect shade for neutral lovers or to wear to a board meeting. This is also my first brown toned nail polish in very many years and with brown tones getting back in fashion, this shade is also quite in sync with season's color trends.

Rating : 3.5/5

[caption id="attachment_6644" align="aligncenter" width="640"]17-antique-rouge Note Nail Enamel #17 Antique Rouge : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]


20 Satin Rouge is yet another neutral dusty mauve kind of color that I am swooning over. The performance is quite similar to 17 Antique Rouge, the only difference being this one is better pigmented and 2 coats are enough for an opaque application.

Rating : 4/ 5

[caption id="attachment_6643" align="aligncenter" width="640"]20-satin-rouge Note Nail Enamel #20 Satin Rouge : Review | Swatch | Price | Online[/caption]

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