November 22, 2017

Behind the scenes!!

Hi everyone,

Its been 9 long months that I last wrote a blog post. Feels like eternity though.. I have greatly missed writing in this small space of mine and though I never went away from social media, I just didn't feel up to writing on the blog.

The reason being, I was pregnant! Yes, 7 years after having my first child, we decided it was time to take the plunge again. Also, as parents, we felt that our boy needed a sibling. No one can deny the positives of having a sibling, brother or sister, doesn't matter. Right? So here we are now, a family of 4 after I delivered a healthy baby girl on the 25th of August, 2017. Life feels so complete :)

I could have probably blogged about it or shared my story or for that matter written about all of that truckload of new makeup that I bought, but I just decided to take things easy and not exert a tiny bit. I concentrated on eating well, sleeping well, spending time with my family, parents, in-laws etc and most of all I wanted to spend all of my time with my boy, who was to soon lose his title of being my only baby. Did that mean a setback on the blogging front? Definitely yes! But did that pull me back? Not at all..

Also, my girl is going to be 3 months old in a few days (time surely flies!!) and I cant be thankful enough for the support of my family  during all of this time. Because of them, these 3 months were much easier than the first 3 months with my first born.

And well, I do plan to get back on track slowly now. My mind is buzzing with lots of new ideas and I hope I am able to plan out things and go as per schedule. I know there will be good days and there will be bad days and I am prepared for everything under the sun.

For now, just sharing a picture from my baby shower ceremony which is also called "Shaad" in Bengali. Have a great day ahead!



  1. Heartiest congratulations sweetie! Hope you remember me. We have met a couple of times at Indiblogger meet and I guess the last time at the Horlicks one. Well its awesome that you gathered the courage for another child! All the best to your family :)

  2. Hey Mandira, Of course I remember.. Horlicks was also probably my last IndiBlogger meet . Thanks a bunch for your wishes. Hope to see you soon !!


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