December 20, 2017

Pink Fizz

[caption id="attachment_6807" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Pink Fizz Pink Fizz[/caption]

How I wish for a day off!!

I haven't had a free day for the longest time ever and I don't when will be the next time I will have one. A whole day when I will be on my own, all alone, spending some quality time with.....just myself! Who else..

Sometimes I think I am weird.. I crave for some lonely time so bad.. I need it at regular intervals, to have a one on one conversation with myself, to enjoy the silence around me, to retain my sanity, to take sips off a glass of bubbly Pink Champagne, and enjoy the fizz as it rolls through my gut.. uh, dreams..

And then I remind myself, I am a mama. To not one, but two beautiful children, and once you become a mama, you don't belong to yourself, you belong to the kids..

But its nice sometimes, you know, every once in a while, when the elder one is away at school and the little one is fast asleep, I bring out my tools and play with my favorite things. Its my time with myself.

Cheers to life, cheers to my "me time" and cheers to my love for makeup. It brings out the best in me, it is indeed my mojo in life!

Lipstick : Deborah Milano Fluid Velvet MAT 04







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