December 10, 2017

SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM

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SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM

Available at SUGAR COSMETICS for Rs 799

Yeah, well, I'm not really a BB Cream Girl you know! For me it's either a full face of foundation with concealer, contour, setting powder etc etc or a simple bare skin day without a trace of makeup. the concept of slight coverage, little kohl, some colored lip balm doesn't quite excite me. And yet, when SUGAR Cosmetics announced their BB Cream, I just got a bit excited.

Now, the last time I fell into the "BB trap" was years ago with Deborah Milano BB Cream and that was such a great product by itself. So naturally my expectations were a little high when I ordered this BB Cream from SUGAR COSMETICS.

Starting with the packaging, the  Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM comes in a nice and chic looking black tube. Quite ordinary on its on, but definitely serves the purpose. It comes in 4 shades of which I got Shade 03 Chococcino meant for Medium Tan skin.

The product itself has a nice airy-mousse-y consistency to it. As soon as you touch it, the silken texture just rings a bell in my head. Silicone alert! To me, it seemed the product was really loaded with silicones to give it that silken smooth feel and easy blendability. And Silicones are not my favorite ingredients!

I don't know about the percentage composition of Silicones in this particular BB Cream, but as I rubbed the product on my arm, I could say for sure that the amount was really high. I still wanted to see how it would fare on my sensitive skin so went ahead with it.

The shade Chococcino seemed like good match for my NC 40-42 skin. It spread easily and immediately blends  into the skin and there was an air of dewy freshness about the way it looked on my face. I am seriously telling you guys, this has to be the easiest to blend product that I have used on my face in very many years. As soon as it blends in, within a few seconds, it settles into a matte finish. I actually prefer my base products to have matte finish so I really love this BB Cream for that. However, for those with dry skin, a dose of moisturizer underneath is a must.

I have been wearing this BB Cream very often recently because A. It is matte and B. It has a very natural finish that makes it look like skin. And that this products lasts really well on the skin is definitely and added advantage. I even wore this BB Cream right after moisturiser one morning when going for a Parent Teacher Meeting, and then lunch and shopping afterwards, and even after 8 hours, my makeup looked so fresh. Really impressed!

In the last image blow, I am wearing the SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM and see how you can see through my skin imperfections and can easily tell that the coverage is light.

Overall thoughts

The  Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM by Sugar Cosmetics is definitely a great buy for me since it offers a very natural finish with light coverage that looks like second skin and lasts quite long without fading. Although, it does contain silicones in the base, it didn't trigger any allergies or breakouts on my sensitive skin. However, if you have active acne and broken skin, I would suggest using this BB Cream with caution. Dry skin beauties may need a generous dose of moisturization, however, I am also quite sure Combination to Oily skin beauties will love it!





[caption id="attachment_6892" align="aligncenter" width="640"]SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_6901" align="aligncenter" width="640"]SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM SUGAR Goodness of Flawless SPF 30+BB CREAM as my makeup base![/caption]

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