April 14, 2019

INNISFREE Empties : What I loved and what I will repurchase?


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I'm finally able to sit and write this empties post which I have been meaning to for a long time now, simply because, I have enjoyed using most of these products and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the same. And because there are quite a few products out there, my reviews will be short and quick just to give you a basic idea about them. All of these are easily available online, as well as offline across Innisfree stores.

INNISFREE Green Tea Fresh Cleaning Oil


The first cleansing oil that I ever used was from Innisfree too, the Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil, which I had previously reviewed on the blog HERE. My experience with that product wasn't the best but since I love using Cleansing Oils mostly because they are quite easy to use and save me a lot of time, I decided to get another variant and lo and behold! this one just worked beautifully for me. It dissolves the most stubborn eyeliners and mascaras in a jiffy and gets rinsed off with plain water to leave your skin squeaky clean. Also unlike the Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil, the Green Tea Fresh Cleansing Oil didn't break me out. I might get this one again once my Klaires Cleansing Oil finishes!

INNISFREE Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


My biggest skin concern is the presence of open pores around the nose area and some on the cheeks, which are basically the cause of all of my skin problems. So, its very important that I take care of my pores and for that this Super Volcanic Clay Mask by INNISFREE. It really helps to decongest and tighten the pores. Not only that, I also use this Volcanic Clay mask for spot application on breakouts and it helps to dry them out faster. This is my second tub and I do think I'm always going to have one of these in my skincare drawer.

INNISFREE Green Tea Balancing Cream


My skin tends to get slightly dry during winter months so at the start of winters last year, I got this Green Tea Balancing Cream to use during daytime skincare and I have to say I'm really happy with the way this product helped to add and retain hydration levels in my skin. Its light and gts absorbed in the skin fast but doesn't leave any oily or greasy residue. It kept the skin nourished for long hours and especially worked great as under-makeup skincare. But since it will be a little oily for my combination skin for summer so not buying it right now. But as soon as autumn sets in, I would again buy this one for sure. Sssh! here's a secret I must tell you. I think its a great replacement for The Body  Shop Vitamin E cream that ha been perpetually out of stock both online and offline so I have now stopped looking for it too.

INNISFREE Green Tea Sleeping Pack

An excellent night cream for dry skin girls, but alas! apart from keeping hydration levels up this doesn't do much else so I have to use it in combination with other stuff. Not the product's fault because it does deliver well what it promises. Its just that it doesn't suit my requirements, so although I totally enjoyed using this sleeping cream, I don't think I'll be buying it again. But I'd reiterate the fact that its great for dry skin girls, and it will make your skin look healthy and glowing when you wake up in the morning!

INNISFREE Nail Remover


I dont know how many bottles of this I have gone through. I love this nail polish remover so much! It is extremely efficient in removing all kinds of polishes, doesn't leave a white cast, smells great , and is budget friendly. Read a detailed review HERE

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