June 27, 2019

Sample Beauty The REIGN Palette , REVIEW & SWATCHES

The REIGN PALETTE, available at samplebeauty.com , ? 20

The REIGN PALETTE is the newest launch from Sample Beauty, along with 3 other new palettes, and since I bought the whole set, I would be reviewing them individually on the blog.

The REIGN PALETTE comes in a cardboard box and the packaging vaguely reminds me of sleek eyeshadow palettes. It's simple, compact, lightweight and extremely easy to carry around.

The REIGN PALETTE is a 10 colour eyeshadow palette. The colour scheme is warm toned and it has nice pearlescent gold toned shades as well.

I am an ardent lover of good quality neutral toned eyeshadow palettes and therefore this particular palette is going to get a lot of love from me and I sure have reasons for it.

The REIGN PALETTE comprises of 7 Matte eyeshadows and 3 pearl finish eyeshadows. The quality of eyeshadows is simply incredible. The mattes are intensely pigmented and highly blendable and the same goes for pearl eyeshadows as well. They are gorgeous in finish even when used dry, and when you use them wet, it's simply outstanding. The good thing about the eyeshadows is that they do not lose their intensity as you blend out, which is something that I experienced with some of my high end eyeshadow palettes as well. The colour scheme definitely is a good mix of highlight colours, all over lid colours and transition colours. using this palette you can create a variety of eye makeup looks ranging from soft daytime looks too intense evening smokey eye looks.

The above picture is dry swatches of the eyeshadows on my hand. It is easy to notice how pigmented these are.

Adding some pictures from an eye makeup look that I did using these eyeshadows it was very light handed application. In the days to come, I am definitely going to try out more eye makeup looks with this eyeshadow palette and I will definitely update the post with more pictures.

I hope you enjoyed reading through the post. if you are looking for a neutral eyeshadow palette in budget I think this one from sample beauty is a definite winner.


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