September 19, 2020


The biggest hair concern for someone who regularly colors their hair is how the ends of your hair become rough and dry and always look frizzy and out of place. It is no different for me, hence I am always on the lookout for haircare products that make my hair smooth and manageable, not only from the outside but also nourish them from root to tip for an overall healthy appearance, all this without weighing them down and still retaining a bounce and volume. While picking up the keratin Shampoo and Hot Oil Hair treatment mask from Trichup these were the benefits I was looking for. Now let’s look at these two products one by one and see how well they have managed to fulfil my expectations.



The TRICHUP Keratin shampoo comes in a bright green bottle with a flip top cap. It is slightly runny when you pour out of the bottle and lathers well to wash off all dirt and impurities from the surface of scalp and hair.

The formula is fortified with keratin protein which helps form a layer on the surface of hair, and makes up for the lost protein to rebuilds strength, returns hair elasticity and reduces breakage. After hearing all of those things you might be wondering if it’d weigh your hair, but no! Your hair looks beautiful, shiny and oh-so-bouncy after a wash.

And add to it the beautiful scent that lingers on for quite a while after a wash and keeps hair smelling great all day long.

What’s even better is that on many occasions I even skip the conditioner after using this shampoo!

This one’s indeed a lazy girl’s quick hack to some great healthy looking bouncy hair.



In a mood for Hair spa? But don’t want to take a chance going out to a salon and expose yourself out there.

 The TRICHUP Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask is here to your rescue. Enriched with Cysteine, which is a unique type of Keratin, that has some amazing protective qualities, this mask can repair your damaged hair in a tiny at-home hair spa session.

All you have to do is apply this hair cream all over, from roots to tips and wrap a hot towel to let your hair soak in the product. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with plain water. The Keratin in the Hair Mask will coat the hair shafts reducing the appearance of split ends and improve the overall beauty of your crowning glory. After the session, youd also feel your hair retains moisture well and is softer to touch.  

And then there is this beautiful scent that would make you feel like you came out of an actual spa session.

So go ahead and indulge in a mini hair spa session at home with the TRICHUP Keratin Hot Oil Treatment Mask. After all, you hair will love the TLC you show!!

I’ve had some beautiful great hair days with the TRICHUP Keratin Range and would like to tell you that it is made in India and it’s a trusted brand with 40+ years of experience and is available in more than 40 countries.

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